Culture and Car Troubles

Well, we had a very fun and exciting weekend. We went with our friends, Raymond and Amanda and their 7 1/2 month old daughter, Bethany, to see Les Miserables in Dallas. It was the broadway production done there at The Music Hall at Fair Park . So, we left around 10 am on Saturday morning to drive there. We stopped at Braum’s for lunch. yummy! I made Stephen share a Fudge Brownie Sundae with me. Yet another version of my favorite…Brownie Bottom Pie (which is from Bennigan’s ). Anyway, all is good. Bethany is behaving nicely as well. She is such a cutie. Amanda’s parents live in the Dallas area, so we went to their house to stay. Amanda’s sister also lives in the area, so she came a little while later. She was babysitting Bethany that night. We got to their house around 1pm. We hung out and took naps and so forth.

We left around 5:15 to go to Maggiano’s to eat dinner. We had reservations. It’s an excellent Italian restaurant. We had A LOT of food! So, still all is going nicely. We go to the car and when we are leaving the restaurant, their car makes a noise like it bottomed out. Amanda and I looked out the back window to see if there was something there we had hit or if part of the car was on the ground….or what?! Well, right then, the car stopped driving. It made terrible noises (sound familiar, Chrissy?). Stephen jumped out to push the car and then Raymond did as well (good that they’ve been working out!), and Amanda hopped in to steer. Because, by this time, as you can imagine in Dallas, people were backing up behind us rather quickly. This was in the parking lot of a huge mall. Our guess is that the transmission just died. Oddly enough, Raymond had just had that car serviced 2 days prior for preventative maintenance, transmission included in that. There hadn’t been anything wrong with their car before it was serviced! YellUGGGHH! So, now we have a dead car in a big parking lot, and no parking spot anymore (they go quickly around there), and we are in a time crunch to get to a musical that we now have no transportation to! So, Amanda goes to the valet parking people to ask them to get us a cab while the guys figure out what to do with the car. The taxi is there immediately, and the valet guy helps the guys move the car to a loading zone type area. So, we leave the car, jump in this cab, and the guy races us to the music hall (we could’ve done without the wild Indian music or whatever he had going). We make it inside just as they are locking the doors to the theater, and we stumble to find our seats in the pitch dark without hurting ourselves or anyone else. We see the opening scene and all. After they opened the doors to let people sit after the first 13 minutes of the show, we were informed that we were in the wrong section. Oops. So, we moved, and actually liked our correct seats better. Anyway, we enjoyed the entire show. It was excellent! Definitely recommend it.  Amanda’s dad came to get us after the show and we went and moved the car to an actual parking space at the mall, and got the baby’s carseat and everything else we needed out of that car. This afternoon, we drove home in one of her parents’ cars after the wounded car was towed to a service place. Raymond will try to get everything figured out long distance.

Anyway, it was a great weekend even with the glitches with the vehicle. Stephen and I figured it was the "Joyner Curse" that came down upon us this weekend with the car situation. We inadvertently brought that curse down upon our friends as well. We’ll see if they ever invite us anywhere again! But, we all made it home safe and sound.

Oh, by the way, Stephen even held Bethany for a few minutes this morning! SurprisedWOW! I guess holding Cooper broke him in to the whole baby-holding thing. Not to say that he’ll be holding babies on a regular basis, but even every now-and-then is an improvement over never! 

Well, that’s all for this post. —-jen  Smile

p.s. As you can see, I’m learning how to insert links to other websites. Aren’t I smart?! haha.  

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