Reasons Not to Leave a 2 year old Alone…

Well, this has been quite a week. Of course, we are thrilled to have Stephen back home. He’s gradually getting adjusted to the time change. He pretty much goes downhill in the evenings, but the time for that is getting later, so hopefully over the next few days, he’ll be back to normal.

Abriella has been a bit of a toot since he got home. She was so good while he was gone, and as soon as he returned, the whining, throwing fits, and defiance returned. Uggh! I know Stephen hates to come home just to have to start right in on disciplining, but it is what it is. She’ll figure it out soon, I hope.

So, I always leave Abriella to entertain herself either with playing or watching a Veggie Tales video while I put Colby down for his naps. He is so easily distracted that I have to feed him in his room with the lights off and no sound except his sound machine. So, we’ve done this for a long time with her. She usually does fine and doesn’t get into much. Many times for his afternoon nap, I will put her in her room first for her “nap” so I don’t have to worry about what she might get into. Well, on Wednesday, I didn’t for whatever reason. We always go over “rules” before I go in with him i.e. be quiet, no going in her room (as she always slams the doors and this disturbs Colby), etc. Anyway, she was very quiet. When I came out of Colby’s room, she was sitting in the living room, and this is what I found…

Oh.My.Word! I was speechless. BUT, I was proud that I didn’t totally lose it with her. I asked her if she was just trying to be pretty, and she said yes. She said, “Look mommy, I’m painting.” HA! So, I calmly put her in her PJs and put her down for her nap and told her she NEEDED to sleep, and lo and behold, she actually did that day. Since then, we have been trying to get her great creation out of the carpet in our RENT house! It is down to a light pink stain now. I got tired of working on it, so I will try to finish it tomorrow and hopefully that remaining evidence will become less noticeable!

And, today, before I put Colby down for his morning nap, she and I went over LOTS of rules. Do we play with nail polish? No, Mommy, we do not play with nail polish. Do we play with shaving cream (one of the methods of cleaning up nail polish…go figure)? No, Mommy, we do not play with shaving cream. We went over many rules today. So, when I came out of Colby’s room, I found her in our room with the door closed…with a pile of M&M and Twix wrappers around her and a few remaining M&M’s which she so graciously offered to share with me when I found her! HA! She had grabbed the package off of the kitchen counter (seriously the girl is too tall to keep much out of her reach anymore!). She finished off EVERYTHING. I think she met her candy quota for the next few weeks! I think I’m going to have to start locking her in her room when I put Colby down! Unfortunately, there is NOT a lock on that door! Too bad!

Colby¬† has been doing better at night, only waking once to eat in the 12-13 hrs he sleeps. He has continued to bite us to no end though! He bites shoulders, arms, legs (thankfully, he has not been biting when he nurses…at least not very often)…and he bites HARD…I have bruises to prove it! Well, today, he was getting to be his cranky self again, and one time when he was crying his little head off, I happened to see in his mouth, and lo and behold, ANOTHER tooth is about to cut through on the bottom. Seriously, is he trying to get all of his teeth within a few short weeks?! I quickly grabbed the Motrin and loaded him up! I believe Stephen had 7 teeth by 9 months, too, or something like that. Pam wrote it in his baby book, but I have no idea what box that is in right now! So, I guess he just wants to be like his daddy! When he’s so cranky, it about drives me to insanity though! HA!

So, I thought I’d share another little story about Abriella. While Stephen was gone, one day, she and I were looking at old pictures on the computer. She always finds that fascinating and always asks who people are, if she doesn’t know who they are already. We got to some pictures of Pam and she asked who it was, and I told her that was her Gram and explained that she was her grandma that was married to Pap-pa before Gammy, and that she was the mommy of her daddy. And, I told her that she got really sick and died and now lives in Heaven with Jesus. So, I told her she was special that she has grandmas here and in Heaven. She repeated it all to me as she often does when she’s processing something new. And, we left it at that.

So, today she was “writing checks” to various people, which involves her scribbling on a piece of paper and folding it up really small. So, she wrote a check for daddy, mommy, Ms Ginger (her preschool teacher), and Gram. When she said Gram, I said, ah, that’s nice. Do you remember where Gram lives? She quickly replied that she lived in Heaven. Then, she started going on about her different grandmas. Not that she really understands what she’s saying, but at least it’s a start. I want her to know about Gram and that she does.

Finally, a little about the house. The outside is done now. It looks great! I went in the house today with the munchkins before Stephen got off of work. He went by a few minutes later. Anyway, there is a garage door now, unpainted—it’s going to be the same color as the siding. The front door is there, unpainted as well. Inside the house, it has changed a lot since Monday! All the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are in, and they look great! The doors are in. Shelves are up in all rooms, closets, etc. The baseboards are in and trimming around the doorframes and windows. Crown molding in the master bedroom. Stair rail is in. Texture?? (first layer?? or something) is on the walls. I think that is it. I didn’t get pictures except for the outside as I figured we’d go back on the weekend. They are starting to lock it though. (the field manager was closing it up when Stephen was there), so not sure if we will be able to get in this weekend. It’s so exciting to see so much progress though. Hopefully we’ll be in the house within 2 months! Yay!

House pics taken 2-19-10

Finally, a few other pictures from this week.

Valentine’s Day Week 2010

Have a great weekend!

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5 Responses to Reasons Not to Leave a 2 year old Alone…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Well there is never a dull moment at your house!! Kylee used to be like that when I nursed her too. I would have to go in her room and close ourselves off. I guess I will have to go over some “rules” with Kylee when the time comes. Kylee has those same watermelon pj’s. They are so cute!

  2. Mom/Grandma says:

    Fun times!

  3. Alisha says:

    Wow, that looks like a fun mess:) Landon did something similar with a candle the first week we were in our brand new house. We’ve had a nice big stain on our carpet ever since. Carpet and kids just don’t mix.

  4. Debbie says:

    Looks like she did a great job on her left foot! :o) Oh, and I’m pretty sure my first words would not have been about trying to look pretty. Good job!

  5. Allyson says:

    Ummmm…so no wonder you are having more trouble with the stain. The nail polish stain that Taylor left at our house was less on our carpet and more on Taylor. It was just one big blob on the carpet. And our carpet is sort of specked, so that helps. Hope you can get it all cleaned up! And one of these days you’ll look back on this and laugh! (though that may be hard to imagine sometimes!)

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