“I’m really, really sick right now.”

This is what Abriella told her daddy tonight in a really soft voice. It was funny. So, Abriella has her first official ailment requiring antibiotics. I’d say we’ve been incredibly blessed to have made it 2 yrs and 7 months without anything outside of colds and runny noses. The child has never even had diarrhea and I think she has only vomited like 1 or 2 times in her life! Anyway, thank you for healthy children.

Anyway, today she woke up cranky, which isn’t entirely unusual in her world. She’s not a morning person at all. Even Stephen put her back in her room for a little while before he left for work to help her to get in a better mood to start the day off. After that, she continued to be whiny off and on. I put Colby down for his nap and then came to deal with Abriella. She soon ended up in her room to take a nap right along with Colby. She actually went to sleep and was crying off and on too. After she woke up and was still incredibly sad, I decided to go ahead and get her dressed and figured we’d go to playgroup or else she was going to drive me nuts! But, she was still crying, so I asked her if something hurt (we do this often and she always says no), and I started going through the list…does your tummy hurt? no. does your nose hurt? no. what does hurt? my ear hurts? ok, which one? this one (pointing to her left). Then, I asked if we needed to go and get it checked out at the doctor, and she said no and started crying! Anyway, I left her at the kitchen table with some juice and some fruit loops while I went to get Colby dressed. When I came back, she was laying her head on the table, and I called her name, and she didn’t move…it was then that I realized she was ASLEEP at the table! Then, I KNEW she was not feeling well! When we got in the car, she immediately fell asleep too! Totally NOT Abriella! When we got home from our first attempt at getting to see someone, I sat her up in our bed to watch Veggie Tales while I put Colby down for his afternoon nap. When I came into our room to check on her, she was totally snoring.

When we finally got to a clinic that could see her (busy time of year for sick folks!), the nurse practitioner took her complaint and I listed off her symptoms as kind of listless,  “falling asleep everywhere” and saying that her left ear hurt (even though when I asked her in the waiting room, she said it didn’t hurt anymore! great!). I also said she’d had a cough and runny nose for weeks, but what kid doesn’t right now?! She didn’t even have a fever. Anyway, Abriella just laid on the table while the NP checked her out, and she looked in her right ear—clear. left ear—OH. It looks like it’s about to burst there is so much fluid behind there! Definitely infected!!  And, no wonder she was complaining of her ear hurting!

So, we have a sleepy child with her first ear infection and she is actually quite snuggly and mostly sweet while sick. I think she’s eating up the extra attention we are giving her! HA! When we got home from the clinic, Stephen got her out of the van (he had come home while Colby was napping so I could take her alone), and she said, “Daddy. I want to cook something.” He asked her what she wanted to cook. “Daddy, I want to cook pancakes.” So, you know what? Daddy stayed home a little longer to make some pancakes for her even though he was fairly certain she wasn’t going to eat them. (She had even just HELD some chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A in the car earlier and fell asleep rather than eat them…!). What a good daddy! So, I guess we’ll stay home from preschool tomorrow to let her rest, and we are supposedly going to be experiencing some winter storm tomorrow! Several inches of snow are predicted for us!

Oh, and another funny from today. So, I drove to a walk-in clinic this morning with both Abs and Colby because there were no appointments available with any pediatricians at the Scott & White clinic where we go. So, we get there and I tell Abriella that we are going to go in to try and see a doctor to see if she’s sick. From her carseat, she said, “I’m going to stay here. I’m not going in there. You can go.” HAHA! There weren’t any further morning appts when I walked in, but they said to come back in the afternoon. That’s why I asked Stephen to come home while I just took her. She just had no interest in going to see any doctor! She did great when I took her later. And, she does enjoy the good ole pink Amoxicillin!

Ok, so here are some pictures of the house from this weekend. We now have to go ask for a key to go and walk around in there, which is no problem. We are glad they are locking it up now!

House pics taken 2-21-10

Have a great week! We’ll take pictures if we do get some snow! Oh, and a side note: Colby does have his 7th tooth now! Ridiculous!

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3 Responses to “I’m really, really sick right now.”

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    I hope that Abriella is feeling better tomorrow–those ear infections can be rough! And Colby–with so many teeth, he might be asking for steak before long!ha!

  2. Melissa says:

    Abriella, I hope you get well soon. And please don’t share with little brother!

  3. Rebecca says:

    LOL! I can’t believe that she told you that she would just stay in the car. Well actually with Abriella I can! I’m sorry to hear that she doesn’t feel well, but I hope that antibiotics kick in soon and she is back to her old self 🙂

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