Yes, I’m Behind Big Time!

I haven’t done Colby’s 1 yr post or anything else as of late! Where shall I start? Ok, we’ll go with Colby’s 1 yr post of what he’s doing now. In no particular order!

* weighed 21-1 a week before his birthday. We were at the doctor’s and she decided he had an enterovirus. Google it. 🙂 She said it would last 3-4 days. It lasted a solid week for Colby. He was miserable and so were we. Anyway, he has his official 1 yr well visit appt on Monday. We’ll see the rest of his stats then.

* wears primarily 18 month clothes. Some 12 month clothes still, but primarily in the 12-18 month category now.

*still all cloth diapers.

cloth diapers on the line

*signs “all done” and “more.”  also waves a lot!

*says “ah dun” and “moh” as well. most times he’ll sign “all done” while saying, “dun, dun, dun, dun.” it’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

*climbs! climbs into tubs, out of tubs, up the stairs (yep, he can go all the way up the stairs…we just stay behind him in case he makes a weird move, which hasn’t happened yet), into chairs, etc. fun times!

*crawling FAST!

* NOT walking. Interested in walking? NO! He has his own ideas about that for sure. If you attempt to practice this with him, he puts all his weight down and lets his legs go limp and squirms until you will let him on his knees to crawl! HAHA! So, we’ll let him do it in his own time, as there isn’t much we can do to speed it up! Stephen and I laugh at his unwillingness to even attempt to try.

* Cruises everywhere. Stands for short spurts. We are seeing the standing (you know…without holding on to anything) more and more these days.

* Nursed full-time to a year. Now, we are weaning. As of today, we are down to 1 nursing a day. Started at 4 sessions (well, that was upped while he was sick, as he needed the extra nutrition for sure then, but then we went back to the 4) like we’ve been for a long time per his desires. Then, my intention had been to drop a feed every week. Well,  he did great when I dropped the first feed and he does just great with cow’s milk, so I decided to drop 1 every 4 days. So, we are down to a morning feeding only now (that was his favorite at this point). If I stick to this plan, Monday morning will be his last nursing. While I am sad to end this relationship, I am ready as well. He is such a busy-body now that nursing him is just an exercise in frustration and irritation to me now. He can’t sit still. He slaps my chest while nursing. He grabs my nose, my hair, my mouth, my arms, my fingers, etc…all while eating. And, now he has taken to taking a few sucks, then sitting up completely and moving to the end of my lap or hanging over the chair or whatever. Then, he’ll eat some more. I try to keep him on task, but this has proven to be more and more difficult! So, I dropped his morning nap session first, then afternoon nap, and then nighttime. His wake-up nursing is the only one that he’s still for and actually nurses well, so that’s the one I kept as the final one. (I know that’s probably more info than most of you even cared about, but this is my baby book, ya know, so I’m putting this so I’ll remember!)

*As I said, he’s done great with cow’s milk. First day, he was a bit offended at what we were giving him, but this was on his birthday, and he still wasn’t feeling 100%. The next day,  he was doing much better, and he did the milk thing much better. Although, he doesn’t like it in one of his straw sippy cups. He drinks water out of those, and I think he feels those are JUST for water! So, I put the milk in the Tummy Tickler sippy cups and he does great with those! Really should get some different tops than the princess ones! We have one that has Winnie the Pooh on it, so I try to use that one for his…not that HE cares though! HA! Here are some pictures of him chugging his milk—cracks us up how he throws his head back so far!

*Has a great throwing arm! unfortunately, he likes to throw EVERYTHING! 🙂

*Definitely has an opinion about things these days. If you attempt to do something he doesn’t like (you know, tell him no, get something out of his mouth, not let him attack his sister, walk out of his sight…, sister not giving him a toy that he’s trying to grab from her, dress him, change his diaper, etc), he will voice his displeasure…LOUDLY!! WITH TEARS!! AND GNASHING OF TEETH!! ARMS FLAILING!! OUT.OF.CONTROL! Not a fan of this stage!

*Still the 8 teeth that he got so quickly. Nothing else yet, although I think he may be working on something somewhere as he’s been a bit cranky lately and motrin seems to tame that crank. (I have no shame in admitting that I medicate crankiness!)

*Still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! This has been quite the challenge while we attempt to unpack. He finds everything he shouldn’t have. And, if you say, “Colby, what do you have in  your mouth?” …he turns away from you and tries to crawl away really fast! Booger!

*Still issues with biting. It is better, but not gone. We try to tell him, “just sweet kisses” when he comes at you. It stops the biting most of the time. And, we do get some kisses out of it, too!

*loves to boogy to music and singing. He definitely has a white boy type of dance. Can’t even describe it. You just have to see it. So funny!

* LOVES MOMMY! MOMMY CAN’T BE OUT OF HIS SIGHT!! DADDY IS DEFINITELY NOT MOMMY!! Would prefer to be HELD by Mommy…this includes when Mommy goes potty, brushes her teeth, cooks, goes from room to room. I seriously need some kind of back carrying thing so that my arms don’t fall off!

*Anytime you say, “hello” to him, he will stick his hand or whatever he has in his hand (be it a phone, sippy cup, block, random toy) up to his ear, like a phone! HAHA! Says “Hiiee.”

*Still eating jar baby food but is eating more and more finger foods. He has a love affair with goldfish right now. So much so that he will try to stuff as many as he can into his mouth and ends up not being able to chew…we usually have to get this glob of goldfish out (which makes him mad!) and then ration him…one at a time!

*Closes doors. Yep. Bathroom doors, room doors, front doors. Any door that is open, he will close it. Nice.

Ok, that’s about all I can think of for now! Since there were so many words in this post, I will TRY to make up for it with lots of pictures. David, I don’t even want to hear the word-picture ratio or whatever! :-p

Why I can’t get anything done around here!
Abriella and Daddy
12 month pictures
Mother’s Day Weekend Visit from the Grandparents
Never can get ready alone!
Colby & Abriella – May 2010

I haven’t added captions to most of these. I will later! Remember, just click on the pictures to go to the web albums! ENJOY!!

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