Weaners and Weanees

Well, if I stick to my “plan,” tomorrow, Colby will officially be a weanee and I will be a weaner! I am happy and sad about this. This will be the first time since November 2006 that I have not supported a life either via nursing or pregnancy. So, that’s nice. Colby has done so well with the weaning process. He doesn’t realize that this morning was his last nursing session, although I did tell him. HA! It wasn’t until just a few minutes ago that I actually started crying about the end of this relationship with him. I’m so ready, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to that special time with him. Anyway, enough tears, right?

Today, we went for Colby’s 1 yr well visit. He is healthy and growing! He measured 29 3/4 inches long (50%) and weighed 21-5 (25%) and head circumference 18 in (25%). So, according to our doctor, he is on his way to being about 5-10 and a lean one, at that. Sound like anybody you know? Uh, yea, sounds like he takes after his daddy! I’m good with that!

Nothing much else to share. But, I did want to share some pictures that show how far the buddy has come in a year.

Ok, enough strolling through memory lane. I’m boohooing over here. Sorry. I need to stop! Where has this year gone!? Both of my babies are growing up!!

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4 Responses to Weaners and Weanees

  1. Julie says:

    Happy Burthday to Colby! One year goes by so fast enjoy everyday!

  2. Chrissy says:

    Precious boy!

  3. Mom/Grandma says:

    Well, it is hard to imagine that he has grown to this point! So glad that he has weaned easily. Enjoy that sweet boy!

  4. Alisha says:

    Ok, I just teared up reading about you weaning your baby. He’s such a big boy now:)

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