A couple of weeks ago, we were surrounded by Stephen’s family at the annual family reunion in Colorado. It was packed with fun and good food as usual. This year, we were joined by Cooper, who definitely was an entertainment for all. He was handed from one family member to the next. Some were even vicious as to who got to hold him next. Funny how people get around a baby and all the baby talk you hear around the place! It was funny. This year, we didn’t have the annual talent show, which was kind of sad, but I think everyone is waiting for there to be small children again to do that one more effectively. We had lots of food changes this year, which seemed to be a hit by all. Then, the devos were done by a different group twice a day. Those were very good as well. Of course, the infamous Texas Hold ‘Em poker games were held late each night, and I think the girls that played were the overall champions. Uncle Lou will undoubtedly practice all year to come back with a vengence next year!

Brian and Chrissy and David came to Belton (with Cooper in tote as well) the weekend after the reunion was over to pick up a mattress. We were thrilled to get that out of our garage. We hope they are enjoying that. It was a quick trip for them. And, I worked the night they were here, so I saw them even less. But, it was enjoyable to have them all here no matter how short.

Since we’ve been home, I’ve been working a lot. Seems as if I always get killed with working before and after a vacation. That’s the way it goes though. Oh well. I’m thankful for my job. We have already made reservations for a vacation in January to Montana to go skiing. I’ve never gone skiing, so it should be fun and frustrating, I’m sure. But, we’re super excited. We figure this is the last big hoorah before having kids. Wink  We are going to Big Sky in Montana . This will be our first "cold" vacation together. We’ve always gone to warm places for vacations, so this will be new and exciting.

Well, I think that’s the news from both of us. I have added new pictures. I will probably make a post on Jen’s blog as well. Have a great day!


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