Am I ever behind!? I haven’t been this behind on the blog in a long time! I really have nothing to blame it on except…LIFE! This crazy life has really been kicking us lately! Today we participated in a garage sale…sold a lot of stuff, which was great…unfortunately, we still could do another garage sale and have plenty of stuff to sell! HA! Colby was sick this week with a little tummy upset. Vomit and all that fun stuff! He’s better now. Thank goodness! I went to Arkansas last weekend for my mom’s wedding shower! Can you believe I didn’t take ONE SINGLE PICTURE?! The shame! Colby and I drove there while Stephen kept Abriella here. Can I just say that taking care of ONE child is SSOO easy!! How come I didn’t think that when I DID just have one child!? HAHA! It was a good weekend. Mom was showered so generously! What a huge blessing! Glad I could be there for that. Colby started taking steps over a week ago. He will ONLY do it if HE wants to though! He has started being very deliberate in his head shaking “yes” and “no” and when we say, “Colby, you want to walk to _____?” He responds by shaking his head side to side very emphatically. It really is hilarious. And, he means it! He can stand up anywhere and then squat back down and back up, etc, but he just does not take those steps forward unless HE WANTS TO. You ask him to, he shakes his head no, and then squats back down and crawls to you! Crazy boy!! Oh well! Tomorrow, we are starting a ladies discussion class at church that I will be co-leading. It will be using the book Be Angry But Don’t Blow It: Maintaining Your Passion Without Losing Your Cool by Lisa Bevere. Absolutely amazing book. I have full confidence that God is going to do great things during this class!! We are going to a wedding next weekend—drive up in time for the wedding and drive back home! I’m sure that will be a fun evening with our kids! [insert as much sarcasm there as you like!]. Well, that’s the quick and dirty on what’s going on right now. Sorry, no pics right now. Yes, I do have pictures, but I need to get to bed! Have a blessed Sunday!

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