A little catch-up post!

I just haven’t been keeping up with this blog lately. I apologize to all of my loyal readers (both of you!). This past weekend, we made an afternoon/evening/night trip to and from Abilene for the wedding of Stephen’s cousin, Ethan. It was a lovely ceremony, although we were sweating profusely as it was an outside wedding. I might have chosen my outfit differently if I had known.  The drive to and fro was not the most enjoyable. Abriella did great. Colby…well, first, you should never wake a child from a nap to go on a road trip. We know this, but there really was no choice. And, weddings after said child’s bedtime are just a recipe for fun. The ride home was filled with crying/screaming from the little man. He’s not a fan of car rides these days. Strangely, his sister fell asleep WHILE he was screaming and she stayed asleep!  I have NO idea how she did that! She was the easy one. He fought it to the bitter end! Poor guy. Oh well.

I never did Colby’s 13 month post. I don’t think I’d be able to separate what he had done that month and this month since we are rapidly closing in on 14 months, so I’ll just combine those. I will add his 13 month chair picture to this post though. Stephen wanted me to continue with those pictures. I feel bad that I never did this for Abriella.

Update on the walking front for him. I believe today was our turning point and I do believe we are headed to a fast walking buddy! He finally decided that he wanted to walk today. I wasn’t even trying to get him to do it! (That was probably the key). And, he was walking a lot and he is so good that he can pick things up and carry them while walking and has even turned around/changed directions while walking! So, I believe it’s as we suspected that once he started walking, he would be good at it. He was laughing all day while he was doing it! Cracked me up. We’ll have to get our video camera charged and tape him.

This past week, David visited for a couple of days. We had a mini birthday party for the girl while he was here because he and Janet won’t be able to come for her party. She enjoyed it. We did it while Stephen was at work. We had cupcakes and then a few gifts. Their big gift to her (and really it is for Colby, too) was a wagon. You’ll see pictures of it. She and Colby both love it!

David took her to the park in it while Colby was napping. Then, when Colby woke up, they both played out in the yard in the sprinklers. They had a muddy good time. Colby had done this once before and enjoyed it thoroughly. I have pictures of that. I do not have pictures of this time with Pap-pa present. Maybe I can steal some from David.

This past Saturday, I went and had 1 yr pictures taken of Colby by my fave photographer, Melissa Trcka. Can’t wait to see them! This was before our trip to Abilene.

I can’t believe I’m about to have a 3 yr old! Abriella’s birthday is on the 9th. Wow! We’re going to have a party for her and she’s been saying for months that she wants a “purple party,” so that’s what we’re doing! I also asked her if she wanted a party at home or at church…and she said church! HA! So, we’re excited to help her celebrate her day to turn “free!” It’s all she talks about. “I’m about to turn free!” Love her!

Some things for me to remember about her. She is always taking care of her “kids.” They get sick (and have been sick a lot lately!), take naps, go with us everywhere, and even get spankings (as I learned today). She’s a good mommy to them! HAHA!

Sometime after we moved here, I finally started putting her in panties for naptime (it was pullups before that) and she only wet them maybe a handful of times. So, that was nice. Now, if we can just get her to wear 2 piece PJs at night, we can do the nighttime. She has refused to do this as she loves her footed sleepers. Problem with that is that she can get them undone but cannot get them zipped back up and snapped at the top. So, that leaves her depending on us at night to go potty. So, we are just sticking to the pull-up at night until we can convince her to wear 2 pieces. We’ve been talking it up lately. We’ll see. It is one of those things with her that she’s a bit OC about, like the fact that she STILL will not sleep with a pillow or blanket at night! She’ll nap with them, but will not sleep with them at night. It’s crazy!

Along the potty talk, she has always been stubborn in the poop area. She will not poop unless you make her. Lots of crying and “I don’t want to poop!” This went on for MONTHS!! We finally figured out a way that she finally did well with. We give her a stack of books and just send her to the potty. She will sit there and read her books forever, and will eventually poop. She will sit there for an hour or an hour and a half sometimes! I usually set her in there when Colby is taking a nap. I just go on and do things around the house while she sits in there. She always lets me know when she’s finished her business and I get to inspect it. HAHA! So, I still keep tabs on when she poops and make sure she goes every couple of days. Lately, however, she’s been doing it on her own more. She’ll just go to the potty and then announce that she has pooped. Yay! I’m sure y’all wanted to know all of that information!

Ok, I can’t think about much else right now. I’ll post some albums for you to enjoy.

Little Helping Hands
Sprinkler Fun
Mini Birthday Party for Abs with Pappa

Ok, that’s all for now! Hope that gets me out of the doghouse slightly with some of you!

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  1. Holly says:

    Hmmm. Like the idea of cleaning the kids in the dishwasher. lol! Good to see ya’ll in Abilene. I know it meant a lot to Ethan and Jenna to have so many family members help them celebrate the big day.

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