Another catch-up post

Man, I am doing AWFUL at this blog thing this summer! I know there are a few that actually keep up with us this way. I apologize for my lack of blogs lately!

We are doing great! Our formal dining room is being converted to a study now. It should be completed on Friday. I believe the massive amount of rain we had last week (YAY!) slowed the drying process down for several steps, so it’s taking slightly longer than intended. But, we’re ready for it to be finished! I’ll show pictures when it’s completed as I’ve taken pictures throughout the process.

Abriella is turning the big 0-3 on Friday! She is so excited! Her “purple” party is on Saturday and she’s super stoked about that. I’ve been practicing making a purple cake for her. Seeing as I’ve never baked a cake and put icing on it or decorated it, etc, this is quite an endeavor for me. The only cakes I’ve baked are angel food cakes (which really doesn’t take much!) and one cake I baked Stephen for one of his birthdays (it was a near total FAIL, but Stephen acted like it was great anyway…good husband!). But, I wanted to do it for her. It may not be the prettiest cake, but I’m sure she’ll love it! She’s already loving the practice cake. We’ll see how it turns out.

Colby is walking all over the place. It’s so cute. I’m having a hard time getting it on video because he’d rather play with the camera than walk. Same with the still camera. I’ll keep trying! Our one “problem” now is that he won’t walk in shoes. He’s not worn shoes since he was a baby—no need for them, plus I didn’t want to pay for them. haha! Now, however, he loves the idea of shoes, and will let you put them on, but he WILL NOT walk in them. He goes all limp and refuses to walk in them. So, for now, we’ve gone back to barefoot. At least it’s summertime.

Abriella finally overcame her pooping issue (with us having to make her sit on the potty every couple of days until she produced results). Now, she goes on a daily basis by herself. The time she has chosen to do this is during her naptime though. She is allowed to come out of her room to go to the potty and then go back to her room. She can go by herself without any problems. Well, of course, this is the best time to go poop, the way she sees it. It takes up more time! ~sigh~ I am having a hard time lately keeping her IN her room! This is where a 2 story house is to her advantage. She comes out of her room and quietly goes into the bathroom and will close the door—not to go to the potty, but to play! She has been found with the sink filled completely with water, splashing around in it, on more than 1 occasion! She also goes to “Grandma’s Room” (the guest room), and plays with the puzzles or books in there. Also, very stealth-like. She does get in trouble when I finally go upstairs because I heard her room door open and never re-close…I am almost to the point of getting one of those child-locks for her room for that time and put a potty chair in there! HA! I’ve heard of people doing that. All I ask is for her to stay in her room quietly for a couple of hours everyday. We’ve let her take stacks of books in there to keep her occupied, but she still comes out for this or that, even if it’s to put the books out that she has finished. AARRGGHH!

Oh, I noticed Colby has a molar that has cut through. It’s his top left first molar. I don’t think any others have come through. Ah, on the subject of Colby. Yesterday, he turned 14 months old. Such a big boy! I’ll try to dedicate a post solely to that in a few days (probably next week as we have a party to throw this weekend!).

Ah, July 4th…forgot about that! We had a great weekend. Went to the annual Belton Parade. It was on Saturday this year since the 4th was on Sunday. It was one of the coolest we’ve been to since it rained on either side of the parade and had been raining for days. I was still sweating as it was humid as all getout! But, the kids enjoyed it! Other than that, we really didn’t do much in the way of festivities. On Sunday night, some people on the street behind us thought it a wise idea to shoot off fireworks in the empty lots right behind our fence. Nice. After it had been going on for quite a while, I encouraged Stephen to call the police, and he did. He said the officer chuckled and said they’d already had several phone calls about the fireworks and had an officer on the way…he said all this before Stephen even said what he was calling about. Stephen had just stated his name and the neighborhood…! HAHA! I wouldn’t have minded as much if A) it wasn’t illegal inside city limits, but mostly because B) the daughter heard it and woke up and was quite scared…she ended up in the bed with us. Now, as sweet as it was to have her in the bed next to me…she wanted to get RIGHT next to me, and she liked to put her elbow and knees in my side and head. And, she wasn’t even asleep! So, as soon as they finally stopped, I took her back up to bed, so I could sleep! hehe!

Ok, I think that’s all for now. Well, I’m sure there is a LOT more, but I’m tired of typing. I have lots of picture albums that I’ll share now. I found some pictures from back in May that I had never put in albums on picasa! Shame on me! Ok, here goes. Just click on the pictures to go to the album. None of these have captions yet, so you’ll just have to use your imagination as to what may be occurring!

Abriella flying a kite
Splash Day at Preschool
Fun with Abriella
July 4th Weekend
Colby 14 Months

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Don’t give up on me yet! I will get back to regular blogging soon!

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