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I haven’t forgotten about the dear ole blog. Just haven’t had time! I know that has been a running theme on here lately. It’s true, though! Seems we have just been going, going, going this summer!

Ok, here is the 13-14 month post for Colby:

Colby is ALL OVER THE PLACE! He is walking everywhere, and it’s so funny to watch him. He looks like he’s going to topple any minute, but he does stay upright and rarely falls, and he is practically running sometimes. It’s hilarious! He’s pretty proud of himself and his walking abilities. His sister is too.

He’s eating a ton of stuff. He loves strawberries, pancakes, mac & cheese, grapes, peaches, pineapple, all kinds of cereal, milk, water, chicken nuggets…well, he likes a lot of stuff. It’s much easier to feed him at this age than it was his sister! He still pretty ┬ámuch avoids all veggies. How is it that he’ll eat anything off the floor, but if it is green, he will push your hand away before even trying it?!?! Answer me that!

He has his 10th tooth coming in. It’s the matching molar to the 9th one. His gums on the bottom where the molars will come in are super swollen as well (have been for a while), so I figure those will be next whenever they decide to cut through.

Colby loves to shake his head yes. This and saying, “dat!” is his main form of communication! Typical boy! He points, says, “dat,” and shakes his head yes. HA! He also pretty much thinks the sign for eat is an all encompassing sign as well—means “I want that.” We have since reminded him that the sign for “more” still exists and he has started using that again. He also still signs, “all done.” He still says mama and dada, but would prefer to stand at your ankle and raise him arms and be pitiful until you pick him up!

He seems like he gets skinnier everyday! I think he’s definitely got his daddy’s metabolism! Eats a ton, but doesn’t get fat! He’s still got plenty of chub on him, so no fear of him wasting away just yet!

He’s still in all cloth diapers. I’ve actually started using more prefolds in recent times. He has the most sensitive bottom (has since he was born), so those help get a little more air to his bottom and keep the rashes to a minimum. If we ever use disposables, he gets a diaper rash within 1 or 2 diapers usually! So, we’ll stick to the cloth. I really enjoy using them anyway.

He’s wearing 12-18 month clothes still. I figure we’ll be in these for a while. He’s got a cute little tux that he’s going to wear this next Saturday to his Grandma’s wedding! ­čÖé Not sure how much he weighs.

Will bark for a dog sound and moo for cows. His best noise is his car sounds though! Once again, typical boy. ┬áHe loves to yell and make lots of noise…best done in the car! That, my friends, is not pleasant. He will stop (at least temporarily) when you tell him to keep a soft voice. He does understand.

CANNOT stand for you to tell him “no.” We have addressed this previously, but it still stands. He will pucker up and just start crying his poor little eyes out if you tell him not to do something (like, you know, throw food) or that he can’t have something (you know, like a knife). PITIFUL! HA!

Loves to give kisses. They are open-mouthed complete with the muah sound. For mommy, it seems that is now has to be an open-mouthed kiss ON THE LIPS! Everyone else gets cheek or shoulder kisses. Not I. So funny.

Loves to play with everything his sister plays with! Even if she doesn’t want him too! Another time he gets mad and gets loud is when she doesn’t want to share (which is pretty ┬ámuch always!). Loves to be IN HER ROOM! If the door to her room is closed, he gets very upset.

Very smiley boy!

CANNOT sit still in church! It’s totally like the boy has ants in his pants. It doesn’t help that he misses a nap in the mornings for church. We have had a difficult time with him staying happy in the nursery during church lately, too. So, Stephen or I have been paged back out of church for an unhappy child. Of course, when one of us shows, he’s fine. But, we either end up roaming the foyer with him or staying with him in the nursery while he plays (he’s fine as long as one of us is in there). But, you can’t go back into church with him. Too much of a distraction for everyone. I remember this age with Abriella. She enjoyed the nursery much more though. So, one of us may have to listen to the sermons online for a while!

Climbs! We’ve found him sitting in kitchen chairs. We’ve found him on the 2nd shelf of a bookshelf type thing we have in our living room. Amazingly, he was able to climb back off of that safely, but we have since told him that was a no-no. Anytime he gets near it, he will look back to see if you are looking. If he thinks you aren’t, he goes for it! ┬áCan go up and down the stairs. Stephen finally lowered the gate at the top of the stairs seeing as he and his sister could crawl under it. Pretty useless gate, huh? Found him at the bottom of the stairs a few times when I was still upstairs! He’s fast too! We have remedied that problem, thankfully! He also loves to slide! Our little slide that we bought for the girl is getting a lot more use now that he plays with it! She got bored with it rather quickly, but not him!

Still goes to bed around 6:30 and I get him out of his room around 7am. He’s usually awake before this, but he will play in his crib happily until I come get him. Still takes 2 naps a day, generally 2+ hrs each.

Overall, Colby is a great baby! We adore his smiles and his head nodding! We’re so incredibly thankful for him!

Now, a few things on Abriella.

She is completely potty trained! I finally decided to brave the nighttime panties. I had pretty much decided she would be in pull-ups for a long time because she sleeps so hard and never woke up dry. I was ok with that. But, right before her birthday, she started waking up in the night to go potty, and started waking up dry! After about a week of this, she agreed to wear panties at night. She has only had a few accidents, but overall has done wonderfully! I just double up her bed–mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. If she wakes up wet (a couple of times, she wets just enough and wakes up and she stops herself), I just help her change and we pull of one layer of sheets, and she goes right back to sleep. So glad to be done with diapers/pull-ups with her! I’d much rather clean a sheet than spend more money on pull-ups!

She had gotten to where putting her to bed was a royal nightmare again! Stephen had been putting her to bed for a long time as that is what she desired. Well, I finally offered to put her to bed for Stephen while he was building his shed. Amazingly, her bedtime went so much smoother. We tested a couple of times, and she would show out anytime Stephen put her to bed. Weird! We’re not sure why she does this. She also turns up the whine factor when Stephen gets home from work. We both discipline her for such, so not sure why she thinks it’s going to get her anything when she does that when Daddy gets home. We have started alternating who puts her to bed though (as I was getting tired of putting everyone to bed as Colby wants me to put him to bed too), and she is getting better for Stephen now. So, hopefully, we’ll be back to smooth bedtimes again.

Her rest time has gotten better since she got some new stuff for her birthday that we keep in her room, specifically her dollhouse. We get that out of her closet and leave tons of books in there, and this usually keeps her in her bedroom outside of the 20 potty visits! She even takes naps some days! She always uses her pillow and blanket to sleep with during naptime, but not for bedtime, UNTIL LAST NIGHT. ┬á We MAY have ventured into her wanting to sleep with a pillow and blanket at night. When she decides to do such, I’d really like to get her some cute bedding. We’ll see!

She’s a good helper much of the time. She loves to help me clean (dusting is her favorite). She also loves to help me put my makeup on.

She is a sweet girl. I think overall, she has been easier to deal with lately. She definitely went through some terrible two’s! I’ve heard three’s can be worse, but, so far, 3 has been better for her. Praying that holds true!

Well, there is a lot more to tell about both kids, but I’m tired (and, you probably are too!).

Finally, Stephen built a storage shed in just over a week’s time. It’s great! He enjoyed his project immensely too! He got a book from the library and figured it out. We just have to finish painting it, and that will complete that project. I’ll post pictures of it, but we haven’t taken any pictures of it since the painting started. Proud of his handiwork abilities!

Ok, without further delay, here are some pictures to enjoy. As always, click on the links to take you to the albums.

silly boy!
Backyard Fun
Storage Shed Project

Have a fabulous week!!

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