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We have had such a busy summer. I always figured it would get busier when the kids were older, but this summer has proven otherwise. Before I forget, I need to write down Abriella’s 3 yr well-visit stats. She went to her appointment on July 22nd, and on that day, she weighed 30 lbs 8 oz and is 37 inches tall, which keeps her right on with the 50% in both height and weight. She checked out great on everything. She got one shot (which she didn’t cry for!) and a blood draw (which she did cry for! HA!). So, she’s growing right on target!

As I mentioned in my previous post, she had slept with a blanket and pillow one night. Well, that was the beginning of it! She finally sleeps with a pillow and blanket every single night! So proud of her. I just bought her some new sheets and comforter and got rid of her bumper (also a big step!). She slept on the daybed at my mom’s house when we went to her wedding at the end of July. She has never slept in anything but a pack-n-play when we were at other people’s houses, so that was a huge step in her little life! But, since she has to be able to get to the potty during the night, a pack-n-play wasn’t going to work! She did great! The princess sheets that my mom bought her sure helped sell the deal! (Plus the fact that we didn’t take a pack-n-play for her to sleep in, so there was no option!). So proud of her for being such a big girl!

So, back to the aforementioned wedding! My Mom was married to her sweetheart, Rickey, on the last day of July. We went to Searcy for the occasion. After nearly 30 years of widowhood, God brought someone special into Mom’s life. My Dad was so special to my Mom and I know that she has missed him so much since he was tragically taken from our lives when she was just 27 yrs old. My Mom has been so amazing over the years in so many ways that I can’t even begin to list out, and I know she has desired another life partner, but God was waiting for just the right time. I know God was completely involved in the union of her and Rickey. I’m so excited for their journey together. It’s not every day you get to see your Mom get married. It was a special day! If I hadn’t been wrestling with 2 kids, I might’ve been able to soak it up a little more (HAHA!), but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless.

Abriella had a very important part in the wedding. My Mom wanted her as the flower girl. Now, 3 yr olds can be very unpredictable as flower girls. When my Mom and Dad were married, one of my cousins was to be the flower girl. She was 3 at the time. She ended up crying and scared and couldn’t do it! My mom had another little girl that was 6 yrs old that did it in her place. Well, this time, there would not be a back-up! To say that Abriella was excited was an understatement though. On the trip to Arkansas, at one point (when we were almost to Searcy), she asked, “Where are my flowers?” It took us a few minutes to figure out what she was talking about, but then realized she was talking about her flowers (petals) for the wedding! HA!

She practiced walking down the aisle at the rehearsal, but we didn’t have a basket or petals at that time, and there weren’t many people, so we were still wondering how it would go. Thankfully, on the day of, we got the flower petals and basket early and were able to practice a little bit beforehand. Good thing…since her idea of throwing the flower petals was very different in her head. Her first time practicing, she got a bunch in her hand and flung them down the pews! HAHA!! Ssooo, we had a little coaching and more practicing, and she was ready! I was just afraid we weren’t going to be able to find her when the wedding actually started, as she was very  much into exploring the church building, which is quite large, with lots of stairs and a balcony and what-not. I had to retrieve her from the balcony several times before the ceremony started. When it came to her part, she did awesome!! The people looking at her didn’t scare her at all. In fact, it appeared as if she was soaking it all in that everyone was looking at HER! She was looking from side to side and just smiled at everyone as she tossed a few petals down the aisle. It was so precious!! She did awesome!

My Mom was absolutely radiant! She was escorted in by my brother, all dressed up in his military duds. It was a beautiful ceremony! I am so thankful we could be a part of such a special day. So thankful for the union of Rickey’s family and ours. I now have 2 new brothers, a sister-in-law, and a cute little nephew! What a blessing! I am so thankful for all the family and friends that came to share in the day. I think it was truly a wonderful gift to have my grandparents (my Dad’s parents) and Uncle (Dad’s brother) to come. I know they were happy that Mom has someone else to grow old with now.  God is good!

I have just a few pictures to share from the wedding. We were on the stage with Mom and Rickey during some of the wedding, so no pics of the end of the ceremony. Plus, as stated before, we had 2 tired children that we were trying to keep up with. Colby was EXHAUSTED! He does not like sleeping away from home in a pack-n-play. In fact, he screams for hours to tell us just how much he doesn’t like it! It’s quite sad! So, to say he was tired and clingy and not his normal cheerful self is quite the understatement. And, he didn’t want much to do with me. He wanted his daddy all day. So, I didn’t even get a picture with the little man in his tux as he didn’t want to even come to me when we attempted pics. Oh well! Hopefully, we’ll get some in the professional pics!

Mom and Rickey’s Wedding

Currently, Abriella is on her first trip away from home without Mommy and Daddy. She went to Lubbock on Sunday afternoon to stay with Pap-pa and Gammy for a few days. She almost didn’t get to go though. On Saturday evening/night, I lost a few pounds due to a lovely stomach bug. Bad enough when you suffer from it by yourself, but I ended up having company to share in the misery. Abriella woke in the night vomiting, and while Stephen was helping her (as I was still dying downstairs), he broke out into a sweat (you know the one) and felt like he was going to be sick. He managed to help her and get her cleaned up and back in bed, but then he started on his stomach bug journey as well. The rest of the night was a grand time between the 3 of us! I felt better in the morning (for the most part). Stephen was not feeling great yet at that point. Abs thought she was better, but she ended up vomiting in the morning and laying around moaning for a good portion of the morning. She still wanted to go with David and Janet (and they still wanted to take her), so we let her go. Abriella just asked if they would have a “bowl to throw up in” for her! HA! Thankfully, they did, as she did vomit again on the trip there, but they said she seemed so much better after that. She sounded cheerful on the phone last night, so I’m sure she’ll be fine and will have a great few days there!

I’m not completely sure, but I think Colby might’ve had the bug earlier in the week. He wasn’t feeling well a few days earlier and there was one day where it appeared as if he spit up/vomited in his bed. That was the only episode that I know of, but he wasn’t eating well at all. So, it may have been him that started it all. I have no idea. Who really knows how these things start! I do know there has been an ugly stomach bug that has been going around. I think we’re all on the mend now, though! Our new motto is “The family that pukes together, stays together!” HA!

Well, I have other stuff to share, but the little man is up from his nap! I’ll post this and let you enjoy a little bit of catching up! Have a blessed week!

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