Rehearsal and other stuff

Ok, so now to continue with some other stuff. See post below for another new post today! I know, 2 in 1 day! Bonus for 2 of you that are reading!

I have a few pictures from the rehearsal. Of course, I’m not in a single one! And, I had a really pretty dress (or so I thought!). Oh well.

Wedding Rehearsal – Mom and Rickey

And, for some other things that I want to remember about Abriella right now. So, she loves to sing songs and we have done so for a long time at night. Recently, when I was putting her to bed, we were singing Jesus Loves the Little Children. Many times, I just sing the first verse, although we’ve sung 3 verses numerous times and she sings right along with us. So, after singing the 1st verse, I was starting another song and she said, “no, no. the diaper part!” Took a little conversation with her before I realized she has a different version of the 2nd verse—Jesus DIAPER  all the children! HA! Died for, Diaper…it’s all the same, right?!

She is the child that keeps us up at night these days. Colby sleeps great. It’s her that wakes us up. Much of the time we’ve figured out that her urge to potty wakes her up and she starts crying. She doesn’t always realize she needs to go potty though in her sleepiness, so we go up there and ask if she needs to go and she says no and she goes back to bed…yet, we hardly get back in bed before she is out of her room needing to go to the bathroom. ~sigh~ So, we have started just taking her to the bathroom the first time and that is helping. Aside from that, she also wakes up saying “there is a sound” in her room, so she doesn’t want to sleep in there! Uggh. Also, we’ve found her sleeping at the top of the stairs a lot lately. Crazy girl! I’ve told Stephen that I almost want to put a child safety handle on her side of the door and a potty seat in there so that she’ll stay in there at night! You just think I’m kidding! My fear (only because I’ve heard of it happening) is that we’ll have a fire in the night and we’ll go looking for her in her room and she won’t be there…and we won’t be able to find her! Anyway, I’ll be happy when she stays in her room ALL NIGHT without waking us up!

Here are a few pictures from a rainstorm we had before we went to Arkansas. I wish we’d have another one of these soon!!

Playing in the rain

And, another thing that’s going on in my life right now is that I am preparing to go on something called HeartQuest. If you’ve never heard of it, go to Fellowship of the Sword to learn about it, but here is the brief description they have about it online.

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her, bring her into the wilderness and speak kindly to her.” Hosea 2:14

HeartQuest is a passionate encounter with God that allows Him to search, test, and refine the heart. This time away is an opportunity to restore freedom to the lives of women as daughters of the King, reflections of glory. Through a combination of confessing, fasting, and biblical teaching, women are given the opportunity to experience the life-changing presence of God.

Women are taken to a “wilderness” – a place isolated from day-to-day distractions, a place where they can chase after their Father’s heart in a way so very rarely experienced! This event includes 30 days of preparation, a 6 day event, and 30 days of follow-up.

Stephen will be taking off of work for me to go on this in September. I started my 30 days prep yesterday. Please pray for me as I prepare for this if you feel so inclined.

Ok, I think that’s all for now!! Have a wonderful week!!

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