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Has it really been over 2 wks since I posted? Sorry about that! Things are going great here. It’s so hot here right now. We are over 100 every day. Haven’t seen rain in quite a while. Our grass is a nice shade of brown despite frequent watering. There are few green yards out there though, so we’re in good company. I’m over halfway through my prep work for my HeartQuest that I leave for on the 7th of September. I’m really enjoying it. Praying that I will truly allow God to work in me during this time!

I went to Houston a little over a week ago to visit mom and Rickey. I took the kids with me. It was so nice to drive only 2 1/2 hrs to get to grandparents!! AWESOME! I’m gonna enjoy that! We went to the reception for them at church. I love going back to visit church there. I love those people! I know Mom is going to miss her home church, but I know she’ll make some great friends there at Memorial as well. Wonderful people there.

I also got to meet up with some college friends while in Houston. They live in Virginia and I haven’t seen her in 7 years. Last time I saw her and her husband, I was engaged to Stephen and she was pregnant with their first. So, it was crazy meeting up and us both having 2 kids. It was fun. I wish we could’ve visited more and maybe without the disruptions of kids! HA!

Oh, I never wrote about Abriella’s trip away. According to reports from Pap-pa and Gammy, she was perfect! I’m not sure I ever believe grandparents and their reporting skills though! HA! Anyway, she had soooo much fun, and I’m pretty sure she would’ve been happy to just stay with them rather than come home to us boring parents! Boy, was she a toot when she got home though! We’ve never had to experience the detox that had to occur! It took us about a week to get our sweet girl back. She did not like us telling her no to anything (Of course not, since her grandparents never told her no! Why should her parents have to tell her no!? HA!). She threw fits and was disrespectful and what-not. The last few days, she’s been really good. She’s still a 3 yr old, but she has been pretty delightful the last few days. Praise God! I have pictures that David and Janet took from her time in Lubbock, but I can’t find the thing that will allow me to transfer those pics to my computer. I’ll put them up when I can!

I’ve started exercising at 5 in the morning. Insane, I know! There are some girls that organized this time to do some workout videos up at the church (oddly enough, the workouts are called Insanity!). They are working and in school, so this was really the only time they could do it. Well, oddly enough, we had 10 show up the first day and 13 today (the 2nd day). Can you believe there are that many crazy people out there?! It is making me go to bed earlier though, which is good. There are a few of us that are trying to organize an evening group rather than the morning one though. I am so sore though after 2 days of this. I was pretty much despising our stairs today as I had to struggle up and down them with the kids. It’s good for me though, right?! HA!

Ok, my thoughts have totally been lost. I can’t think of anything to write at this point! So, I’ll add the picture albums that I have for now. I really haven’t been very good at taking pictures lately. Well, the fact that the battery died the other day and it took me a few days to recharge it…that was part of the problem. Sorry about that.

Eating with barrettes
Playing at the mall
Eating and playing at a birthday party
Memorial church Wedding Reception

Have a blessed week!!

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