Big Week

This week is big for several reasons! First, Abriella’s first day of preschool is tomorrow! She is going to be in the Marvelous Monkeys class at BCP this year. Her teacher seems great. She actually just moved from Lubbock a few weeks ago with her husband and 2 kids. She is also a graduate of LCU. Small world, huh? They are attending our church as well. Abriella seemed to really take to her at Open House last week, so that’s good! Looking forward to a good preschool year for Abs!

Also, I am leaving to go on my HeartQuest tomorrow. Stephen is staying home with the kids all week. I return Sunday night. My mom is coming for a day or two to help a bit. So thankful for that!

Keeping busy around here. I’ll post some pictures soon! Have a blessed week!!

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