The Best Husband!

I just wanted to put in a quick note about my awesome husband!! Stephen is the best husband EVER! Just a few things about him lately. He took care of our kids while I went away for 6 days to be with God! He never complained one bit about that, and was so extremely encouraging of me going on my HeartQuest! And, while I was gone, he had a sick daughter (“more vomit than I’ve ever seen out of her!”), a sick mother-in-law, and a son that busted his face. But, he met me with both of our kids when I came back and had a smile on his face and a bouquet of flowers for me. When we got home, the house was CLEANER than when I left!! That, my friends, is a feat! Since getting home, we have grown more intimate than we have ever been, talking about matters on which we’ve never discussed, and just loving our Father together. It has been amazing! Another night, he made a trip to the grocery store after the kids were in bed, and he came back with more flowers “just because I love you!” Sure can’t beat that! He works so hard everyday, whether that is programming, being a daddy, a loving husband, or a son of God. I thank Father for him every single day!! I love you, Stephen!! Can’t wait to see what the days and years ahead hold for us!

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