Beginning of Catch-up

The running theme of this year has been neglect of this blog! Let me back up a few months (yes, months!) with pictures and see if I can’t redeem myself ever so slightly. Doubtful, I know. (Just click on the pictures to go to the web album)

Ok, here are pictures from Abriella’s trip in August (yes, I know it is now December!) to Lubbock. These pictures were taken by David and Janet.

Trip to Lubbock- August 2010

Next are pictures from a disc golf outing with some of Stephen’s coworkers back in September. The whole family enjoyed this outing.

Disc Golf/Park outing with Integrity people

Then, you have a few pictures from an outing to Belton Lake, also back in September. This outing was cut short as the weather quickly turned stormy and cold after we got there!

Trip to Belton Lake – Sept 2010

Then, you have some silly pics of the kids at the breakfast table one morning (also in Sept) followed by some dancing pictures of princess Abriella!

Siblings and princess Abriella- Oct 2010

Next, you have our annual pumpkin patch visit. Yep, this one is from October. Lots of fun there, as always!

Pumpkin Patch Visit – Oct 2010

Then, you have a few pictures from a trip to the Waco Zoo with our playgroup back in October.

Zoo visit with playgroup

Then, you have some pictures of Colby eating with sunglasses on (yes, those are girly glasses! don’t judge!). Reminds me of some pictures of his sister doing the same. I’ll have to see if I can’t dig those up to compare.

Colby eating in style

If you’re still with me, we have more…! We now have a few pictures from Abriella’s preschool Halloween party in October. They all dressed up that day and went trick-or-treating at school as well.

Preschool Halloween Party

Here, we have our family pumpkin carving in October. We also video’d some of this. Not as much interest on the kids’ part as we had hoped. Oh well. Then, you’ll see pictures of my two cute pirates for Halloween! They were precious! Abriella said she was a princess to everyone, and then she changed it to a pirate princess. She had wanted to be a princess, but I couldn’t find any coordinating outfits in the right size for Colby (guess it would help if I looked earlier than I do every year!). So, I found these outfits and got Abriella’s approval. But, I guess she was still stuck on being a princess…so it became a princess costume! HA! There are also some pictures from our church class Halloween party. It’s always hilarious trying to get all of the kids together for a picture.

Preschool Halloween Party

Still more….! Here are a couple of pictures from Abriella’s fall program at school in November. This year, she at least sang the words. She didn’t do most of the motions, but at least she didn’t look stunned and just stand there like last year! Progress!! We also taped this, so I’ll have to post that sometime.

Preschool Fall Program

Finally, here are just a few pictures from Thanksgiving. Really, we didn’t get our camera out much. We video’d several things on the trip to Lubbock, but not as many still pictures. It was a blessed time with family!

Park playing after Thanksgiving

Ok, I’ll end this post for now. It’ll take you forever to get through the pictures! I’ll try to do a wordy post soon to actually tell you what’s going on with us! We are doing great and gearing up for the Christmas season. Have a blessed day!!

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