Christmas with the Dorrietys

Who are the Dorrietys? Well, that would be my Mom now. šŸ™‚ On Sunday preceding Christmas, my mom, Rickey, and Tim (Rickey’s son) came and picked Abriella up to go back and spend a few extra days with them before we went. It’s nice to have them close enough to make quick trips like that!

The other 3 of us drove down on Wednesday. That ride was so much easier since Stephen sat in the seat next to Colby and entertained him the entire time while I drove. I have gotten to be so terrible in the car with motion sickness. So, I either drive the whole way, or takeĀ DramamineĀ and sleep with my mouth hanging open in the passenger seat! HA! So, for this trip, I opted for driving, since it’s not very far.

We went out to eat before church that night to celebrate Patrick’s birthday. Then, we went to church and saw some old friends. Love getting to visit there every now and then! On Thursday, all of the gals (including Abriella) got their nails done. I took Colby to the mall before that and finished up some shopping. Stephen and Patrick went to a gun range and practiced their shooting skills! That night, we went to Bass Pro shops to see Santa. Our kids both hated that! hehe! But, they enjoyed all the other entertainment at the store. We went to see some lights that were set to music in the neighborhood after that—the music was on a radio station and you’d watch the lights on the house—it was mostly Trans Siberian Orchestra. Very cool! Friday, Christmas Eve, we went down to Kemah and ate at Landry’s for dinner with some extended family of Rickey’s. Good food was had by all! Too much, for sure!

Saturday morning…Christmas Day! Abriella and Colby were so fun on Christmas Day and opening presents! The pure joy on their faces was priceless! We then went over to Patrick and Lindsay’s house to have a huge breakfast! yuumm! Then, Abriella and Colby opened up their presents from their cousin, Jack. Then, we went back to Rickey and mom’s house for attempted naps. HA! Colby is pretty awful when traveling. He does this every time we go anywhere! He screams anytime you get close to his pack-n-play, and he will scream for a LONG time before falling asleep, and then he’ll wake up screaming often. Good times! HA! Ā We had a big Christmas lunch and then relaxed the rest of the evening. Sunday was church, and then we headed home.

I look forward to the day when our kids (namely Colby) travels better! lol! One day. Here are pictures of our Christmas in Houston! click on the link and there are captions on many of them to explain what’s going on! Enjoy!

Christmas with Dorriety's

I started this post last week sometime, but forgot about it until today! We’ve been busy with sickies in our house lately! More on that later.

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Just very happy to have all of you here at Christmas! Was a joyful time for all of us!

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