18 months at 20 months

So, I completely neglected to post an 18 month post for Colby back in November. Honestly, it was very busy that month. Anyway, I will tell you what he’s up to now at 20 months.
*saying and repeating more words every day. he is a typical boy in that his verbal skills are definitely more grunts and pointing than words! HA! but, we have hopes that he will speak intelligibly before kindergarten!

*loves to be held. pretty much, I think he’d prefer to be carried around all day. otherwise, he stands at your legs saying, “mommy/mama, peez” (please) over and over and it turns into desperate crying pretty quickly.

*loves his sister. or, rather, loves to irritate his sister! they really have a love-hate relationship at this point. He likes to push her, pull her hair, take her toys. She is not without fault in this, however. She pushes him as well, takes his toys, and tells him, “NO!” a lot. Most days, I spend trying to keep them from killing each other! Occasionally, they do have times where they are so sweet to each other. I try to remember these moments to get me through the rest of the chaos. hehe.

*he calls his sister “lella” or “sissuh” (sister). it’s very cute!

*always wants to do what his sister is doing or wants the same thing she has. if she has something he wants as well (for example, some type of food), he always says, “too” over and over because he wants it too!

*still in all cloth diapers.

*wears 18 month clothes and 24 month clothes. Most 24 month clothes are still big on him, but that’s to be expected.

*he loves to sing and dance. he especially likes to sing to the veggie tales theme song,  the ABCs song, and the Bible songs we sing to him frequently.

*he loves to pray at the table. he sticks out his hands to those on either side of him and says, “pay.” so, we all hold hands and he often says a few words himself while stephen or I prays. then, he says, “maymen!” (amen) real heartfelt at the end.

*goes to bed around 6:30 every night still. wakes up somewhere around 7:30 most days. he takes 1 nap every day. I lay him down usually around 12-12:30 and he generally sleeps 2-3 hrs.

*loves to play outside. unfortunately, it’s been way to cold for that lately. he always wants to go “side” (outside).

*loves to play ring-around-the-rosy, especially with his daddy, who actually swings him around by his hands. it’s pretty funny.

*at his 18 month appt (on Nov 17, 2010), he weighed 24.5 lbs and was 32.5 inches long. That put him in the 25% for weight and 50% for length. Still hanging onto his daddy’s build!

*opens and closes all doors and has been doing this for a little while now. this is unfortunate, as we can’t keep him out of anything! we’ve even caught him going out into the garage lately. gonna have to start locking that one, I believe.

*goes up and down stairs like a champ. that’s the beauty of having stairs in your house.

*loves to help unload the dishwasher. I give him their sippy cups and plates, and he puts them in the cabinet for me. he thinks it’s great!

*calls me AND stephen “mommy” most of the time. HAHA! funny, as his sister used to call us both “daddy.” he just started doing this. he used to call us both by the correct name, but now I guess he simplified his life by calling us both mommy! HA!

*has 16 teeth now. Just needs his 2 yr molars now. oh, and he still likes to use those chompers to chomp into flesh at times. he doesn’t bite too often. well, it’s usually once daily, but many times we can see it coming and stop it before it happens.

*Ok, that’s all for now. He’s a super sweet boy and still loves to snuggle with mama! I love it! He’s a keeper, for sure!!

And, here are some pictures of the kids from this month. Enjoy!

January 2011 Various

Next post dedicated to the sickies around here!

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    They are both keepers!

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