Winter Snow- February 2011

Here are a few pictures from our winter white weather on Friday. It started snowing Thursday night and by noon on Friday, it was melting! Gotta love Texas weather! Up until then, we had FREEZING weather—much colder than we’re used to around here. On Wednesday, they had planned to do “rolling blackouts” across the state to help ease the stress on the power grid, or something like that. The blackouts were supposed to be in 15 minute increments. Well, ours went out around 7:30am, and was off for 4 or 5 hrs. Not exactly sure when it came back on, as we finally decided to head for warmer shelter. Went to the mall for a while, but it was obvious they were already conserving energy by not having the heat on much. But, as we were leaving there, the electricity went off there, too. Then, we went to the local Chick-fil-a, which was PACKED! It was warm and cozy. Stephen joined us as they had been experiencing the blackouts at work as well. Anyway, toward the end of our lunch, the electricity went off there, as well. But, thankfully, it was off less than 5 minutes! Anyway, we came home around 12:40pm and our power was on, and it was getting warmer in the house, thankfully. Sure makes you think about those that don’t have the luxury of ANY type of shelter! I was praying for them daily.

A couple of quotes from Abriella on our snow day. “Well, Mommy, I guess we need to put our Christmas tree up.”  and, “I can’t wait until next Christmas for more snow.”  Clearly, she equates snow with Christmas! I had to laugh.

Both kids loved the snow, but I sure wish Stephen had been off of work to play outside with them. I really am a wimp in cold weather! By the time Stephen got home, there was no snow to play in!

Anyway, without further delay, here are the pictures. I also have a couple of video clips that I need to copy to youtube to get on here. Enjoy!

Snow Day- Feb 4, 2011
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