Final Week of Gymnastics

So, last week was Abriella’s 4th Tiny Tots gymnastics class. She did great! I am impressed that she learned and improved as much as she did in 4 classes that were a week apart. Actually, there were even two weeks between the 2nd and 3rd class due to Spring Break. After the class was over, the main instructor came over to me and told me that she would LOVE to have Abriella at her gym (these tiny tots classes were through the community and were at a local elementary gym). It’s a gym that is not too far down the road from us.

So, that was a proud parent moment to hear that your child seems to have some real potential in a sport. I guess the things that Abriella has going for her are her strength, her coordination, her desire to learn and try new things, and the fact that she’s teachable (she listens well to them—why she doesn’t listen to her parents is a mystery!). She seemed to impress both teachers a few times during this last session. She did several of the harder exercises completely on her own (even told them she didn’t need help!), really showing off her abdominal strength. I was proud!

I am trying to be the parent that doesn’t get too crazy over these things, especially since she is still so young. I don’t know if I’m ready to put her into something too big at this point. We had talked about putting her in a tumbling class this summer (even before this last class occurred) because she really enjoys it. I think the instructor actually was envisioning something more than that. She gave me her number to call and she would meet me at the gym or anywhere to give me one of her business cards (to get 50% off the first month), which she had forgotten to bring that day. So…we’ll see.

Abriella has actually told both Stephen and I the last couple of days that her “work” is no longer preschool. Instead, gymnastics is now her work! HA! Funny how kids place importance on things in their lives. Anyway, enough rambling about my daughter (the bragging is primarily for the grandparents anyway!). Here are the pictures from her last class. (as always, click on the picture to go to the album)

Tiny Tots Gymnastics- week 4 (final week)

Have a great week!

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