The Dreaded Climber

So, a few months ago, Colby somehow ended up outside of his crib during naptime once. There was weeping and wailing, so I don’t think it was very graceful, and it probably hurt his pride and maybe his body a bit (no obvious injuries, though). So, no action was taken, as he never tried it again!

Until now.

He can climb in and out now. Over. And.Over. HOWEVER, he only does it when he’s playing or when I come in to his room in the morning or after his nap. So, thankfully, he’s not just randomly climbing out and coming out of his room at night or at naptime. Hallelujah! But, I figure it’s time for us to at least start thinking about a big boy bed for him. Funny, but by this time, Abriella had been in a toddler bed for about 4 months. But, we also had a 1 month old little baby when Abriella was Colby’s current age. I can honestly say I’m thankful we did not do that again! HA!

He’s proud of his new feat. I took pictures the other day while he and sister were playing in his crib. He was practicing mastering his skill. There are some other funny pictures thrown in this batch as well. You’ll get a good kick out of Colby’s attire in a few pics at the end!

Climbing in and out of crib
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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    It’s time!

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