Today, I celebrate the anniversary of my birth. Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday! HA! So kidding.

This morning, the kids gave me their presents. Stephen took them to the store the other day, and they picked out goodies for me. I got some body wash, lotion, a 4-in-1 foot wand (has a brush, rasp, pumice, and file). Abriella picked it out and was showing me how it was a brush for your hair! HA!  They also got me some ankle weights. haha! I guess I need to work on my leg and glute muscles!

A couple of my best girl friends had me over for lunch today with our combined 8 kids. It was a delicious lunch and dessert! I love my sweet friends!

Stephen and I are going out tomorrow night. Our sweet baby-sitter is coming and we’ll go out and do something. Haven’t decided what we’re doing yet.

So far, 33 isn’t so bad!

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