Painting Again!

So, back in January, I got on a painting kick. Our house has flat paint on all the walls, which just ends up looking real grungy, real quick, especially with kids! If you try to clean it up, you just end up taking the paint off completely! Uggh. But, I liked the paint color, so I matched it. But, I bought satin enamel paint. I painted the kitchen, dining room, living room, the little hallway from the garage to our room, and all 3 bathrooms. And, no, Stephen does not help me do this. He does like the finished product of the painting, but he just says it’s my thing to do. Last time he helped paint the house interior since we’ve been married was when I was pregnant with Abriella—the nursery. AND, he had my mom’s help on that one (or was Stephen just helping her?? that’s probably more like it).  Anyway, no biggie. He at least provides the money for the paint. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to paint more things, but I kind of got burned out for a little while. Can you imagine that?!  Well, today, I finally just decided to paint the playroom. This is how I go about painting. I decide one morning to do it…go to the store and pick out paint…come home and start painting. No real planning whatsoever! That’s how it went today. Decided this morning I wanted to paint the playroom…went to Home Depot and picked out paint with 2 kids in tow…came home and started painting after I put them in their rooms for naptime. Well, Abriella doesn’t nap, so when she discovered what I was doing, she felt she needed to keep me company. Of course.

So, I have mostly painted all of the walls except 1 (there is an entertainment center on that side that I can’t move and Stephen is out of town until tomorrow night). I have a light purple as one accent wall. A light green as the opposing accent wall. Then, the primary walls are something that kind of looks very pale yellow (almost looks white). Very neutral. All of these colors came from the Behr Disney colors at HD. The actual names are Butterfly Flutter By, Pooh Corner, and New Day Dew.  I think it’s going to be very cute. And, then I can at least keep the walls clean!

I won’t be able to completely finish the playroom until I get a special item that I ordered today. We have rounded corners in this house, so it makes painting tricky if you want to use different colors on walls that share a rounded corner! So, I found this online and ordered if through —I’m pretty excited about it!

Well, if you are bored of my paint talk, and you just come to this site for pics of the kids, I will relent and share some now. Poor Colby. He really needs some boy dress up clothes. He just doesn’t know any differently. He actually came downstairs today with a tutu, shoes, and a crown for me to help him put on! After he got tired of that one, he went back upstairs and got a different tutu and different shoes! hehe. Here a link to some pictures to blackmail him with in high school! Enjoy!

Princess Colby and Princess Abriella
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  1. Holly says:

    Hahahaha! This reminds me of Ethan when he was about Colby’s age. He would pick out the frilly dresses from our closets and wear them, which really disturbed our neighbor one day when he saw him out riding a trike in a red dress trimmed with white lace.

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