Potty. Tee-Tee.

These are the two words that we hear around here from Colby’s mouth. Often. This crazy boy wants to sit on the potty all the time. Many would say this is a great first step towards potty training. I suppose. I just wonder how long it will be before he actually does teetee in the potty with all of these trips? He’s only gone one time on the potty and that was a random episode on a public potty in the local hospital. I was truly shocked at that one!

Honestly, it doesn’t bother me to set him on the potty all the time. I have absolutely no expectations for him to actually go right now. So, if he wants to go sit, I usually take him. The only times I usually don’t are when he wants to go in public places (outside of the 1 time I did it before, but we were in the stall already). He did convince me before church the other day to take him. He was about to throw a royal fit if I didn’t, so I figured he needed a diaper change anyway, so we went, I sat him on the potty, he did nothing, and then I changed his diaper. HA!

Stephen doesn’t care for the frequent potty trips as much, so he usually says no to Colby’s urgent requests. He thinks Colby should be doing something by now with as many trips as he makes to sit. Au contraire. I have no intentions of potty training the buddy anytime soon. I do talk to him as he sits on the potty or when I am changing poopy diapers. I tell him that poop goes in the potty, to which he often responds, “noooo. bopper.” (translation: bopper=diaper). Ah, funny buddy.

So, until he decides it’s more than a game, we will continue on as follows.

(you’ll notice a rash on his face. he had a body rash and then this on his face this week. the face looks like eczema. not sure though with the sudden onset of it all. no other issues with him though, so we hope it goes away soon.)

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