Easter Weekend -part 1

We drove to see my mom and Rickey and family on Friday. On Friday night, we had a cookout, complete with chicken legs, ribs, and hamburgers! If you didn’t have enough to eat, it wasn’t for lack of food! Whew! Abriella was supposed to get her nails done on Friday afternoon, but on the way to the car, she tripped and fell on the sidewalk or driveway (nobody actually saw the fall, so not sure exactly what happened). Grandma and Grandpa brought her back in to me, and I got her cleaned up. She had scraped her face and her shoulder. Poor thing, but princess band-aids seemed to make her feel better.

On Saturday morning, Abriella went to get her hair all beautified while Uncle Tim got his hair cut. They washed, dried, and curled her hair. I was at another place getting a 30 minute massage and a spa pedicure. It was a birthday gift to me! Worked for me! Abriella came later and she got her fingernails and toenails painted…purple, of course!

When we got back to the house, the egg dyeing began. Abriella really got into this! Colby did a little bit, but then was bored! Here are the pictures from the egg dipping. More on the weekend in the next post!

Dyeing Easter Eggs
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