Easter Post- part 2, Egg Hunt #1

On Saturday afternoon, we had an egg hunt for Abriella, Colby, and cousin Jack. Stephen and I stuffed the eggs and then hid them in the backyard of Mom and Rickey’s house. Abriella and Jack did great! Colby cracked us up. I think he thought someone was going to take the eggs out of his basket, so once he had enough eggs to hold in his hands, he stopped hunting…because he couldn’t protect anymore in his hands! hehe. Hilarious! I think they enjoyed this quite a bit! We had tried to wait to put the eggs out, since it was pretty warm. But, even just a short time, and a lot of the chocolate was on the melted side. The kids didn’t seem to mind. Just a bit messier! Here are some candids from the egg hunt. I think it was a hit!

Easter Egg Hunt in Backyard
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