Easter Weekend- part 4, egg hunt #2

Sunday morning, Grandma (aka Memaw to Colby—so cute to hear him call her that!), err, I mean, the Easter Bunny had left the kids some goodies. We have never done Easter Baskets up to this point, so that was neat for them. Then, we rushed and got to church. After church, we went to a egg hunt at a country club–la te da. Another bunny was there–his eyes are a bit creepy in all of the pictures. Once again, Colby was not a fan. The organization of the hunt was not executed very well. They planned for the little kids to do one area, and the older kids another area. But, after a few kids started bolting towards eggs, there was no stopping any of them. So, it was a free-for-all. Of course, the bigger kids got tons of eggs and the little ones, not so much. Oh well. That was made up for by the prize egg that Stephen found, err, Abriella found, which contained candy, AND $40! I guess that’s what you get at a country club egg hunt!

Easter Sunday

Some things I’d love to remember. Colby calls Grandma “Memaw.” I’ve actually heard something much closer to Grandma since we returned home, but I kind of like the memaw. Abriella used to say “gaga” but it eventually turned into Grandma. He also calls Grandpa “Pepaw” and that’s pretty cute as well.

I think this wraps up the Easter posts. We enjoyed the time in Katy. It’s always nice to come back home and sleep peacefully (Colby, that is!) in your own bed!

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