Colby Talking Video

We got a new video camera…again. We liked the little one we had before, but the quality wasn’t as good as it was to begin with. Not sure what happened to it, but it wasn’t as clear, and some of the wide/zoom stuff didn’t seem to work anymore. So, we decided to upgrade. We spent a bit more money and got something that should last us a while. I started videoing some today after it charged up, just to try it out. Here is a video of Colby talking. I couldn’t think of things to have him say. Really should’ve planned the video a little more. HA! Anyway, thought some grandparents might enjoy hearing him some nowadays. This is the day before his 2nd birthday. Tomorrow, May 6th, marks 2 years with this little guy! Crazy how time really does fly! Enjoy the video! (click on “Colby Talking” below to go to video–I wasn’t able to embed it for some reason. Not sure if it was a youtube or a wordpress problem.)

Colby Talking

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