2 Year Stats and Video

Colby had his 2 yr well-visit appointment on Monday. He weighs 28.4 lbs (50%), is 34.25 inches long (60%), and head is 48 cm (25-50%). So, he’s just about smack dab in the middle! Perfect! He checked out great! He is talking up a storm these days, stringing words together for some little sentences, repeating words, and just adding new words every day. Fun stuff. His absolute favorite words are “no” and “mine!” Ah, the joy. HA!

Here is a little video from the party that we had after we returned from the zoo on Saturday. Papaw and Gammy were here for the weekend, and we just really enjoyed having them come.

Colby’s New Toy

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    What can I say about that toy??? Grandparents do the strangest things! haha

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