Zoo Trip

For Colby’s birthday, we had already decided a few weeks before that we would go to the zoo with the kids. David and Janet were unexpectedly able to join us for the weekend, and that just made it extra enjoyable for everyone! Thanks for coming! We went to the Waco Zoo and got there around 10am. The weather was wonderful–a nice breeze in the morning. It got a little toastier later in the day, but we really thought the weather was just about perfect for the outing. It was nice having 4 adults with 2 kids because they didn’t want to stay in the wagon for long. They either wanted to walk or be held, so there were plenty of adults to get the job done.

After looking at these pictures, I realize I need to really work on my posture! Ridiculous. Totally need to stand up straight. I also noticed how white my legs are! Oh my. I think we need to spend some more time in the sun!! Ok, off of the self-critiquing.

Enjoy looking at the pictures. We have a lot of video clips from our time there as well. I’ll get those uploaded before too long, hopefully.

Colby’s Birthday Zoo Trip
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