Oh Buddy!

So, we have already established that Colby can climb in and out of his crib. He has yet to do this when he was supposed to be staying in there to sleep, so that is a blessing. He has, however, added a new trick to his bedtime routine. The other night, he was supposed to be sleeping, and I looked in his video monitor, and happened to have my camera nearby to catch this on camera.

This is a little boy sitting on his crib rail! I actually saw him do this the first time on his actual 2nd birthday. I heard him talking from his room at the end of his nap. I went to glance in the video monitor before heading upstairs, and I saw this same thing. What a mess! We’re still holding out on the big boy bed. Abriella wants to share a room with Colby and have bunk beds, so we’re trying to decide when a good time to do that would be, because we’d end up changing up the rooms upstairs. So, we’re just keeping him in his crib for now. I did find a full over full bunk bed that I like though on Amazon. Isn’t it nice? I love the storage steps!

Full Size Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest in Amber Wash Finish

Anyway, just thought I’d share this little funny about Colby before I forget!

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