Preschool Spring Program

Abriella is about to finish up her year at preschool. She has one more week with her beloved teacher, Mrs. Kendra. When asked on Tuesdays and Thursdays what she was most thankful for that day, she always says, “Going to school.” When asked what she is least thankful for, she replies, “Coming home from school.” HA! She just enjoys it that much, and I’m thankful that she does. She did great in her program. She sang and did a lot of the motions this time. She is getting progressively better with each program she is in! The unfortunate thing with this program was that we couldn’t see a good part of her face due to a little girl’s bow in front of her! Oh, and if you notice her red eyes (like she’s been crying for days), it’s just conjunctivitis. 😀 Not sure if it’s due to allergies or a virus. If it’s a virus, sorry to all of those kids that may get it. We ARE working on sharing. hehe. Make sure you wash your hands!

Here are the 2 songs she sang. Click for the videos.

5 Little Mice

I’m Gonna Sing and Shout

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  1. Rebecca says:

    She was super adorable! Faith did have quite a large bow in her hair lol. I can’t believe she is going to be in PK next year. I still remember the first time I saw her strapped in her tiny little car seat.

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