Free Haircuts!

Well, it finally happened. Abriella lost her sweet little mind and cut her hair and her brother’s hair! I had left them playing upstairs so I could fix dinner. There was no screaming, yelling, crying, so I was feeling pretty good about my parenting skills. Abriella came downstairs with some bows in her hair. I complimented her stylish ways…but then stopped dead in my tracks. No, she did not. Oh, she did. Oh no. She has pictures in 2 days!

As I sit in front of her in shock and calmly assess the damage and ask her what in the world she was thinking…here comes the little man down the stairs. Carrying scissors. As I quickly take them away from him, I see this.

and this.

and this.

Apparently, Abriella felt both of them needed haircuts! Oh dear. Upon further investigation, she revealed that she found some scissors in a drawer in the guest room. I do vaguely remember cleaning up one day in there and finding those and putting them in a drawer. I remember the fleeting thought that maybe that was a bad idea, but quickly dismissed it, giving MY children more credit than to play with scissors, because I had taught them better than that. Parenting FAIL!

Today, I took both of them for their first official haircuts outside of the salon de Joyner. Both did amazingly well and sat still. Abriella has lots of layers now. I wasn’t quite ready for a really short bob, which is what it would’ve been if we evened it up to where she “trimmed” it. Colby got a buzz, but they didn’t quite get it short enough to completely mask the damage. He would’ve ended up bald in order to do that. I’ll post pictures later. Sorry, this is an incomplete post without the after pictures, huh? Blogger FAIL!


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