Happy 4th!!

Birthday, that is! Today is Abriella’s 4th birthday. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 4 yrs already. However, if I’m truthful, I have to say that at the end of some days, it seems like it’s been wwwaaaayyyy longer! HA! We had a fun day just celebrating with our little family. Abriella came downstairs this morning and informed me that it was her 4th birthday. She climbed up in bed with me and Stephen and we sang Happy Birthday to her. She just soaked it in! She was thrilled!

We had pancakes for breakfast, made by daddy. Then, the kids watched Barney while I got all the gifts together. We got those set out, sang Happy Birthday again, and then let her open her gifts. And, Colby got one gift, too. After they played with those for a while, it was lunch time. Abriella chose Schlotzky’s for lunch. So, off we went and enjoyed sandwiches and chips.

After a quick trip to Home Depot for Stephen, we headed home. Stephen put Colby down for his nap, and I took Abriella to Walmart to pick out a cake. She wanted me to make her one…I was not really desiring to do that today. So, I let her pick one out from the bakery! She was great with that. Of course, we have way too much cake to eat. She wanted one with pink on it, and of course, that was a regular sized rectangular cake. We got some candles and home we went. Abriella had her rest time with her new V-Reader. Kept her in her room for several hours! Bliss!

After Colby woke up, both of them played outside while daddy was doing some yardwork. Then, we had cake. Did the Happy Birthday singing, again, and let her blow out candles. Then, we ate our cake on the back porch. The rest of the afternoon, they played outside while daddy continued to do some yardwork. Then, around 6:30, I gave them baths.

Then, we all played some new games that Abriella got for her birthday. A Goodnight Moon Game, which Colby even enjoyed! And, then a Sequence game. We lost Colby on that one. He played his own way. HA! It was a lot of fun though. Abriella just loved having games for our family to play. I thought it was very enjoyable, too!

Then, off to bed for everyone. It was a good day! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!! Praying God’s blessings on you as you continue to grow each day. We love you!!

The tutu, bow, and shirt were made by Aunt Amanda! She loves them!! Thank you!

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