Too big! (and some pictures from Splash Pad)

Pregnancy update:

Well, I feel like a blimp already! About a week ago, at 7 1/2 wks, my belly just fell out, and now, I look way more pregnant than I am! It’s slightly ridiculous! I don’t want to be in maternity clothes yet! I now understand why women pregnant with their 3rd often think they are having multiples early on in pregnancy. Now, I don’t technically know how many are inside my uterus, but I don’t suspect we have more than one. That sure would be a funny joke from God! But, I just feel big right now!

I am 8 1/2 wks now. I’m doing ok. Some days, I’m just nauseated all day long. Other days, not much at all. I always have a bad taste in my  mouth, just like the other 2 pregnancies. I find that one of the most irritating things, as not much really helps it go away. Gum works for a short time, but then I start to get gaggy with chewing gum, so it has to go.

Sooo many food aversions! Every day is a trial to figure out what I can eat. And, cooking for the family is challenging as well. I am trying to keep cooking, but it makes me nauseous just to cook many times. Always having a hard time figuring out what to drink. Of course, I’ve had coke a few times, and that is a miracle drink! But, prior to pregnancy, I had actually stopped drinking caffeinated drinks for a while (for several reasons), and I don’t really want to go back to it hardcore, so I’m trying to not drink it too much. Plus, it isn’t the healthiest drink, right??

Sleep. Oh, how I would love to sleep at night! I get up to pee umpteen times a night. Then, I can’t get comfortable. I fall asleep finally, but then I wake up having to pee again. Then, the cycle continues. However, I can take wonderful, marvelous naps! I don’t think I would survive if I wasn’t able to nap most days.

I have my physical with our midwife in just over a week. Should be close to hearing the heartbeat then!

Ah, and just some extra info. We are thinking about waiting until the birth to find out the gender this time. Stephen is all for it. He is just not sure I can hold out until then! We have 1 of each, so we thought it might be fun to wait until the grand finale to find out the gender. And, based on the symptoms with this pregnancy, I have no idea if it’s boy or girl. Not that symptoms can truly predict, but my boy and girl pregnancies were very different. But, this one is different from both of the other pregnancies, so who knows??

Anyway, please keep praying for health for me and our bean! Thank you!

Ok, I’m coming back and adding some pictures for those that hate pictureless blogs. We took the kids to the splash pad this afternoon. They had a blast! I got all wet too. It was fun. Of course, I can’t stand to see my pale, pudgy belly self in a swimsuit right now. I cropped myself out of most of the pictures that Stephen took! 🙂

Splash pad- July 2011
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