Sweet lub-dub

Last night, I pulled out my trusty doppler. I was only 8 wks and 4 days, but I figured I’d start checking every couple of days until we could hear the fetal heartbeat. With both of the other pregnancies, it was closer to 10 wks before I heard the little ones. Really, that is still early, as nobody tends to get anxious until about 12 wks, and then you should hear those babies with the dopplers. So, Stephen and I were both pleasantly surprised, when after just a few minutes of searching, we hear the very familiar rapid fetal heartbeat! 175 bpm when I counted at one point. It was very strong! Hearing that sound makes things so much more real, and makes the discomforts seem more tolerable. Love!

This morning, I found it again for Abriella to hear. She thought that was cool. She said she is pretty certain it’s a girl. This from a child who has prayed for a sister for months and months (way before we were ready to even start thinking about another baby). She came back to me later with a family picture that she drew, complete with “my sister, Colby, me, you, and Daddy.” HA! Oh, and she taped her drawing up in our room so we can admire it from here on out. She has decided that her sister should be named Sara. IF it’s a boy (she humored us on this possibility, although really she considers it a moot point), she said he should be named Handsome! HAHA!  Well, at least we don’t have to worry about names now, huh?! 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to document this pregnancy milestone for me to remember.

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