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Sorry for not posting in over a week. The nausea and fatigue of this pregnancy took a turn for the worse. Instead of it easing up, as I was hoping it would, it actually got yuckier. The best thing for me is to lay very still on the couch or in bed. This allows for a bit too much freedom on the part of the 4 yr old and 2 yr old, but they haven’t done too much damage. I actually have better control over them if I turn on netflix and let them watch a bunch of shows (while I’m on the couch with them).  They wake me up when they  need me to turn another one on. HA! I really try not to fall asleep and you’d think it’d be hard to fall asleep, but it’s amazing what a pregnant, fatigued, and nauseated body will do.

Today, I have actually felt pretty good. That was good since I needed to get up and get the kids and me ready for my midwife appointment. I am really, really praying that this nausea eases up soon! I’ve only vomited once, so that is a huge record for me, but I still feel yucky. And, with 2 kids to attempt to corral daily, it makes it harder. BUT, I know this will pass and we’ll make it.

My house is a mess too. I feel bad since I was really doing good on keeping it clean before this pregnancy got going really good. But, hopefully, when this phase of pregnancy passes, we’ll be up and running again in the cleanliness category.

My appointment went well today. Physical exam normal. Fetal heart rate, great! Vital signs, great! Uterus felt about 10 wks size, (I’m 9 wks and 5 days today) where it should. Got my blood drawn for the prenatal labs. Next appt 1 month.  🙂

The kids are doing great. We’ve been having issues with Colby coming out of his room like a jack-in-the-box since he moved to his toddler bed. He did good at first, but then he recognized how much freedom he had. We first tried the SuperNanny technique (anytime he came out of his room, we’d quietly lead him back to his bed, no words spoken to him). Well, this seemed to work for me, but not for Stephen, and then it didn’t work for either of us! So, we finally resorted to a spank when he came out. Well, for him, that was much more effective! Took us down to 1 or 2 times out of his room at night before he figured out that was not in his best interest. So far tonight (knock on wood), he has not come out at all.

Colby has continued great with big boy underwear. He hardly ever pees in his underwear. I mean, it is rare. Can’t remember the last time he did, actually. So, that’s great. He even pulls his own pants and undies down and climbs up on the potty by himself. He’ll even get a little TP to wipe any drops off before he slides off the potty. He flushes and even washes his hands! He just can’t get his undies back on. So, he’ll carry them to the first person that will help him. He’s so independent that he wants us to close the door (us on the outside) when he’s on the potty here at home. HA!  He still has a hang-up on the poop front. Since we still put a cloth diaper on him at nap-time and night-time, he uses those times to do his #2 business. At least he doesn’t do it in his undies anymore (usually).

Abriella is doing good as well. She is going to gymnastics a couple of times a week now. May sneak a 3rd time in this week if she wants to. She is really doing good. She still seems to have a good time doing it, and she is definitely improving. I haven’t video’d her every time, but I do have some video that I need to upload to the computer. She is loving her V-Reader that she got for her birthday. Finally a way to keep her in her room during rest time! And, it’s educational. For the win!

Stephen is working hard. They are trying to get their product certified by the end of August, so everyone is working really hard to try to make that happen! He is so smart, and I’m so proud of him and how hard he works!!!

Well, that’s about it for now. I am doing the unpardonable and not putting any pictures up. Sorry. Please forgive me. 🙂

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