Up from the grave [s]he arose…

Sorry for getting that tune stuck in your head, although that song is a great one!

So, I am alive! Things went south after my last post over a month ago. I was puking daily, sometimes several times, and was just not feeling good most of the time. Starting out in this pregnancy, I thought this was going to be my nicest pregnancy of them all. HA! It ended up being not as bad as when I was pregnant with Abriella, but much worse than when I was pregnant with the Colbster. However, we seem to be doing much better now. I haven’t vomited in over 2 wks, and have been relatively nausea free for several days (I’m just going to gloss over the fact that I was nauseous for half of the day today. Uggh). Anyway, all in all, feeling better. I’m also starting to get some energy back. I still enjoy a solid nap every day though. Who doesn’t!?

My belly continues to enlarge. Per my midwife appointment this past Friday, I was measuring about 16 wks size  (at 14 wks). I tend to do this in my pregnancies. I measure a bit bigger at the beginning and then appear to measure slightly smaller towards the end. It’s just the way my uterus is made. I have fine sized babies for when I have them! But, to the family members praying for multiples, my uterus would likely be MUCH larger if there were more than one in there. 🙂 So, pretty sure we’re just having one. I’ll have my ultrasound around 18 wks or so. It’s not scheduled yet.

I will be 15 wks on Thursday. I’m looking forward to feeling those first movements. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so! I’ve gained too much weight so far. I credit that to several things. Eating out way too much for a while (that is Stephen’s method of cooking), not exercising, and the fact that I was constantly trying to ease the nausea by eating. It was worse with an empty tummy. My food choices were not always the best, but the good foods sounded just awful! Anyway, I am back to cooking now. So, hoping the weight gain levels off a bit now. I will also start exercising soon. It’s so ridiculously hot outside that it’s hard to get motivated to go walking, which is my exercise of choice in pregnancy. Hopefully, we’ll come down out of the triple digits soon! I may get me some low-impact aerobics videos or something for inside for now.

I also have some fun news. I am going to start doing a little midwifery work soon! The Certified Nurse-Midwife that is taking care of us this pregnancy asked me last week if I wanted to assist her at some births! I had not pursued her about any such thing. Apparently, she had been talking to one of my former midwife colleagues, and somehow they came upon the subject of me. I didn’t ask. Anyway, they wondered how I was keeping up my midwifery certificate now. So, she asked me, and I said that I was doing all the CEUs, but not working right now. So, that was when she asked me if I wanted to work with her some at births. She has others that assist her, but she was looking for someone else. I’d get paid, of course. It would be maybe once or twice a month, I believe. She and I are going to talk about it more towards the end of the week. But, Stephen and I talked about it over the weekend, and thought it was a great opportunity.  I’m very excited! Just have to figure out what to do with the kids when I get called to help, seeing as people don’t always have their babies at the most convenient of times (I never do!). Anyway, Stephen said that he could probably work from home some of those times. Otherwise, I just need to get a list of friends that might be willing to take my kids for a little while (or get them to or from school, etc). I’m very excited to get my feet wet in midwifery some again, though!

Well, I don’t want to bore you with my first post back after over a month of nothing! So, I’ll close it down now. I’ll try to get back into regular posting and catch everyone up on the kids. They are growing and active and very entertaining to say the least. Oh, and you haven’t missed much on pictures either. I haven’t taken any in over a month! Terrible, I know! Anyway, please forgive me and continue to pray for our pregnancy!

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