Preschool Meet the Teacher 2011

Today, we had the greatly anticipated Meet the Teacher at preschool for both kids!! It’s going to be so weird having both of my kids in preschool from 9-2:30 every Tuesday and Thursday! But, wow, how nice will that be?! I might be able to be productive a couple of days a week, at least until baby #3 arrives early next year. 🙂

Abriella is in the Pre-K Jolly Giraffes class. She thinks she is pretty big stuff for being top dog in the preschool world in the Pre-K class! Her teacher is Mrs. Lori. Abriella saw her “in the lines” last year, as she was one of the preschool teachers last year as well. Her daughter was actually in Abs class last year, but they moved her to a different Pre-K class, so as to not be with her mama. Lots of Abriella’s friends from last year are in the same class this year, so that’s fun. I think there are 3 or 4 different Pre-K classes, but I’m not really sure. I mentioned something to Abs about getting to go on a field trip this year at some point, and that is all she could talk about the rest of the morning! HA! Here’s the obligatory “Meet the Teacher” pic for Abriella.

Then, we have Mr. Colby. I took him to his class while Abriella was coloring a picture in her class. He was pretty upset when we went into the classroom, as he thought I was about to leave him. When he realized I wasn’t leaving him today, he perked up nicely. He colored and stickered his place mat for the year. He was all talkative to his teacher, Mrs. Lindsey. Now, on Tuesday, I’m sure he’ll be a crying mess when I DO leave him that day. But, I think he’ll have a great time. He still cries most every time we leave him in his church Bible classes, too, but always gets happy within a very short time. It’ll be a new experience for him, but I’m sure he’ll love it in the long run! Here is his obligatory picture with his teacher. He’ll be in the 2’s Delightful Ducks class. (notice he’s saying “cheese” in his picture. HA!)

School starts on Tuesday! Happy year coming up!

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