Eeensy Weensy Kicks

Today, I am 16 3/7 wks along. Last weekend, at just over 15 wks, I started feeling some tiny taps. I have felt them daily at some point all week, primarily when I am laying still in bed at night. This weekend, they have been getting stronger. This is the earliest I’ve ever felt fetal movements, but they are very clearly from a baby, as opposed to gas pains! HA! It’s just another beautiful sign of life. I love this stage of pregnancy! You are feeling better, you’re starting to look more pregnant, instead of just like you’ve had too many cookies to eat, and you start to feel the baby moving. Such a miracle!

We have our big ultrasound coming up on the 14th (a week from Wednesday).  We are still planning on not finding out the gender this go around. So, hopefully, I don’t cave (Stephen is dead set on not finding out!), and the ultrasound tech doesn’t leak it to us. I know some people think it’s crazy not to find out, IF you have the option (which is never guaranteed with an ultrasound anyway…some babies are very modest!), but we just think it would just add some more anticipation to the grand entrance of the baby. I know, I know, it’s a surprise anytime you find out. We found out with the other two beforehand, but it’s likely our last dance with this baby thing (if that is God’s plan), so we figured we’d do it a bit differently this time. I’ve even been looking at some really cute gender neutral bedding. They’ve come a long way in that arena over the years!

Our prayer daily is that we will have a healthy baby join us come February. Boy or girl, doesn’t matter. More later! Have a great Labor Day!

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