Sweet Moments

There are just some moments you wish you could bottle up and keep forever. Well, the best way to remember some things are to blog about it. The other night, I was putting Abriella to bed. After she said her prayer, and she asked me to say mine, she told me that she loved talking to God. I told her that I prayed that she ALWAYS talked to God through her entire life, and even when she was old. She then asked about talking to Him when she died. I told her that if she chose to follow Jesus in her life, she’d then get to BE with God in Heaven, to which she excitedly said that she could then talk to Him face to face like a real person. 🙂 I concurred.

She then said something about being baptized. I was a bit surprised about this but went with it. I said that being baptized was a way of saying that you loved Jesus and wanted to follow Him all of your life. She said she definitely wanted to be baptized because she loved Jesus. I said that was great. We then talked about how I was baptized and daddy was, etc, and talked about ages of when that happened for us, and she said that she wanted to be older. I said that people were baptized at many different ages, young, old, and that it was different for each person. We talked about how it was a way to wash our sins away and a way to say we wanted to follow Jesus and God forever. She liked that a lot.

She then said that those that are baptized don’t go to Heaven.  I was confused by this, and I told her that yes, those that are baptized and continue to follow God in their life will get to go to Heaven. She again said that no, those that are baptized don’t get to go to Heaven. She continued to say that in church, they said that when you are baptized, you LIVE….    OOOOHHHH, I got where she was coming from now.  I then explained to her that our earthly bodies will stop working and die, but then we will get to LIVE forever in Heaven with God. Her little light bulb went off as well, too. She was excited to get this cleared up!

I just wish I could’ve taped the entire conversation. It was just so sweet. It’s awesome to know that these sweet children really do listen in church. She is such a smart little girl. Never thought that I’d have this sweet conversation with her at age 4. Every night, I pray that she and Colby will grow to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. God is already pricking her heart. I’m so thankful that even through my imperfect parenting ways, God does what He does best in touching the hearts of my children.

She is God’s princess.

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  1. Sue Cleaver says:

    Jen, love reading this blog. How glorious and faithful is our Lord Jesus! Miss your beautiful heart!! I send you love and abundant blessings to you and yours…

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