We Have a Reader!

Well, I learned something new this weekend.  Abriella, age 4, can read!! Let me explain. She has “read” books to us before, but they were books that we had read to her millions of times, so I was pretty sure she just had them memorized. She kept telling us she could read. We just agreed with her. Pappa and Gammy came this weekend for their Christmas with the kids. I had told them that if they could get her some beginner reading books, she would probably like that, and I knew Janet would know where and what to get since she is a teacher.

So, they got her lots of Dick and Jane books and some other Step 1 (preschool – kindergarten) and Step 2 books (preschool – grade 1). So, she grabs one of the Dick and Jane books, and she basically flies through the entire book, reading it aloud to us, with very little guidance! She read all 32 pages of it out loud at one sitting!! What?! I was shocked! She read another Step 2 book to us this morning, and did just as good! I asked her when she learned to read, and she told us when she turned 4. HA! She had always told me she would start reading when she turned 4, because someone she knew was 4, and they said they could read, so she figured 4 was the magic age! How funny is that?!

I’m just uber impressed with her reading skills. I know she has learned a ton from Starfall.com and then also her V-reader, which she uses most days during her quiet time. I can honestly say that my only part would be reading TO her, which I know is important. I’m just so happy that my little 4 year old can read, and she LOVES it!

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  1. Matt says:

    That is very cool. Colby is riding a bike at the age of 2 and Abriella is already reading. Those sound like some gifted kids!

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