What’s Happening (LOTS OF PICTURES)

Well, we are back into the swing of preschool and attempting to re-enter some routine. The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. Here’s a recap.

The week before Christmas, I finally gave in and sought some medical intervention for my incessant cough that was making me (and others in the house) absolutely miserable. Stephen had even started sleeping on the couch so he could get some sleep through all my coughing. My pregnant belly hurt, my back hurt, a had pressure in places I didn’t need to have pressure yet :-), and I couldn’t take a deep breath due to a stabbing pain in my back on my right side. On top of all that, I couldn’t hear out of my right ear. So, the doctor said I had a “chest infection” (which is just a generic blanket diagnosis, but whatever) and also an ear infection. He prescribed me a Z-Pak and some Robitussin-ac (has codeine in it). Z-paks are awesome! I was feeling much improved even after 24 hrs! So thankful for fast acting antibiotics! Also thankful I didn’t cough this baby out!!

Then, the week after Christmas, I took Colby in for his cough.  He’s always been our coughing child. Any illness he has seems to have some kind of coughing fits to it. Anyway, he saw someone other than his regular pediatrician. Colby performed splendidly at the doc’s office, with plenty of coughing to prove his ailment. Yay! haha. (You know what I mean, like when you take your car in and it doesn’t make that sound for the mechanic. Same with kids and doctors. They often act perfectly fine when at the doc’s office and you look like a fool! HA!).  Anyway, after checking him out, he diagnosed him with bronchitis. Gave him the liquid, kid version of a Z-Pak and also Albuterol in syrup form. Both of these also worked wonders for him. He’s cough free now.

Stephen and I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra right before Christmas (my drugs had started working enough that I wasn’t miserable that day! Praise the Lord!). This was my gift to Stephen for Christmas. He has never been, but has wanted to see them for a long time. According to him, it was the best Christmas gift ever! We definitely enjoyed the show. They certainly put on quite a production!!

David and Janet came and spent the New Year’s weekend with us. We enjoyed their visit thoroughly, and I definitely enjoyed having someone else cook for a couple of days! Thank you Janet! Of course, the kids greatly enjoyed having Pappa and Gammy here, and they showed off their biking skills one day, riding all the way to the neighborhood park (playing for a little bit there) and then riding back, and then playing on their playscape in our back yard. It was a lot of fun.

Back in November, we went to Katy, TX for Thanksgiving. We had a great time. We all enjoyed a beautiful day at the Houston Zoo and then the next day went to the Children’s Museum (along with about a thousand other people!! It was a cold, rainy day…), but had a great time there as well! We forgot our camera for most events at Thanksgiving. Don’t believe we took many while David and Janet were here either. We have been bad about that lately!

Oh, back in October, we had the good ole Halloween. Abriella was a princess and Colby was a knight. Both enjoyed the holiday candy immensely! We still have candy from that holiday. I use it for bribery purposes! 🙂

I am now going to put links here for a lot of pictures that have been taken over the past few months. Click on each picture to go to the web album for those pictures. You can just glance through them as you wish. I may add captions at some point, but otherwise, just use your imagination! HA!

Don’t forget to vote on baby Joyner #3’s gender in the post below!

VBS (back in June!):

Vacation Bible School

Just some silly random pictures:

Random Pictures

Oh, we went to Sea World back in October, and the kids loved it! Abriella especially enjoyed it. There are also some pictures from the local pumpkin patch in here as well.

Pumpkin Patch and Sea World

Here are Halloween pictures. We had several different places we went to for parties this year. I didn’t take any pictures on the day they actually went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. This was the first year either of them did that though, and they enjoyed that. Just went to a few houses on our street.


These are some pictures from the preschool fall program in November. We got some video as well. We bought the video that the school had a guy come in and do, which I have to say I was slightly disappointed in. They did a lot of close up shots mostly, so you ended up missing the funny things the kids did during the performances because they focused on one kid or another. Oh well. Both of our kids did great. Both sang and did the motions, so we enjoyed it a lot!

Fall Program

These are some pics of the kids helping Stephen decorate our tree this year. Our tree was primarily plastic ornaments and heavily concentrated around the bottom, since they did the most decorating. I left my nice ornaments in the box for yet another year.

Decorating Christmas Tree

Here are some more silly pics of the kids playing dress-up. As always, Colby usually goes for princess clothes! HA! Poor child needs a brother!

Dress up

These are some pictures from a movie night we did as a family before Christmas. The kids kept asking for popcorn (like for breakfast!), and I would tell them no. So, I figured we’d make a big deal out of having popcorn and put it with a movie night, which they’ve never done either. We watched some old Christmas cartoons that were on Netflix. The kids loved it! In case you were wondering, Colby dressed himself in these pictures. 🙂

Family Movie Night

And, here are the rest of our pictures from our December photo shoot. We ended up purchasing the CD of all the pictures.

Pics by Melody

I think that should be enough to keep y’all entertained for a while! HA! That sort of catches me up for now! I’m 35 wks pregnant now, so we’re nearing the end! Slightly scary, yet very exciting! Again, vote below for your guess on boy or girl for this sweet baby!

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