Stephen and Jennifer and Baby Makes Three…

So, I would say that probably all of you that actually read our website already know this, but in case this is news to anyone…Stephen and I are pregnant! The due date is July 30th, 2007, so for you math buffs, you’ve figured out that we are 7 weeks pregnant now. Yep, we have a long ways to go. Also, yes, we realize that it will make for a very hot summer next year! You just can’t plan those things sometimes. Anyway, we are absolutely thrilled! I’m doing ok overall. The nausea and vomiting hit a week ago, so that has been an added “joy” to the pregnancy. Stephen is trying very hard to take care of me though. He even emptied the trash can after I puked in it (for those of you that know him well, that is a BIG feat for him!), and he brought me a cold wash cloth! I know you are all saying “AAAWWW, how sweet of him.” Yep, it’s true. He’s being a fantastic husband, but that doesn’t surprise me at all. Hence one of the reasons I married him. He will list off possible food choices for my finicky stomach, and he doesn’t get offended or impatient when I keep saying, umm, no. He just continues listing until he hits something that I think my stomach might handle. And, he’s aware of the fact that some smells turn my stomach as well. He even made brownies the other day to mask the smell of cornbeef hash that he had made earlier in the day, so that when I came home from work, I wouldn’t be inundated with his CBH (as we endearingly call it) smell. Work…there’s another thing. I have NOT enjoyed going to work this past week. Getting going in the mornings is trying and then to feel like you’re gonna vomit on every patient isn’t that great either. I’ve managed to make it so far though. I’m praying that this nausea/vomiting will not last too long. Yes, I know it can last the entire pregnancy, etc. I’ve seen it in my practice, and I’ve had lots of people share their wonderful experiences of that. I’m thinking I’d like for people to keep their experiences to themselves! haha. It doesn’t make me feel better to know that I could feel like this until the end of the summer! Anyway, I am comforted by the fact that all these signs of pregnancy are signs that the hormones are working appropriately. There are other signs of pregnancy that I’ve experienced that I’ll not mention. Anyway, please join us in praying for a very healthy pregnancy. So far, all seems to be going well. Well, that’s all I will post for now. I will go back and post on some other things that we’ve done lately before too long. But, it’s time for me to go to bed now. The embryo says it’s time for bed!

–jen and embryo signing off Laughing

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