3 years

Colby had his 3 yr well-check the day after his birthday. He weighed in at 33.3 lbs and was 38 1/4 inches tall. These measurements put him at about the 75% on both height and weight! That was a bit shocking to me, as he doesn’t seem that big to me. However, I realize I compare him to one of his female preschool classmates, but she is taller than most 4 yr olds. Colby looks like a shrimp next to her! So, I guess I have no real accurate comparison. No matter what, he is growing wonderfully! He checked out great at his appointment. No immunizations at this 3 yr visit. Yay!

What else is he up to, you ask?

* Boy, through and through. He likes to be rough and dirty and stinky. Seriously, how can little boys stink so much more than their female counterparts?! HA! His pediatrician laughed and told him she loved all of his bruises up and down his legs. Yep, that’s Colby. Always got bumps and bruises on him from his playing.

*Wears size 3T clothes. Shoe size is somewhere around 8 or 9, I think. He prefers them a bit big. Otherwise, he says they hurt his feet, even though there is clearly room in them. Who knows.

*Still wears a cloth diaper or pull-up to bed, but wears undies all the rest of the time. He gets lazy sometimes and just pees or poops  in his undies or diaper. However, we have done several things that have put a halt on this. I started throwing away any underwear that he pooped in. That made him sad, as he lost some of his Cars undies. Then, he was given the incentive to go 7 days in a row with all poos in the potty and he’d get the Toy Story 3 movie. He did it easily. After that incentive was done, he went back to pooping in his diaper/pull-up a couple of times, so we took things away from him for a day. We’re back to giving him an incentive to go another 7 days. He will get a trip to the dollar store. He is probably playing us so that he can get toys/movies! Little booger.

*Very good at dressing himself. Never wants help doing this. Never. (well, sometimes, but it’s rare!)

*Loves to irritate his sister. He does a fine job at it, too! Definitely the pesky little brother! haha

*Loves to push the limits. He spends lots of quality time in time-out. We gave up spanking him as that didn’t cause any change in behavior, and we certainly didn’t want to beat the child! So, we have to be a bit more creative with his discipline.

*knows all his ABC’s and can count to 10 and a bit beyond, but becomes creative with his counting after that, with numbers like “eleventeen.”

*Knows most of his colors.

*Any clothes of his that have letters on them, he thinks must be spelling his name. He will point to the letters, and say, “It says, A-R-Colby” HA!

*Speaks very well for a 3 yr old little boy, I think. He is pretty clear in his speech.

*Loves to climb, swing, throw things, dress up (in princess clothes and high heels! hehe), run, climb, kick, climb, hit sister, climb, bite sister, climb. Yep, he likes to climb up things. Recently, he was outside playing in the back yard by himself. We were inside and Stephen had just gotten home. We heard someone at the front door, and quickly realized it was Colby! He had somehow climbed up the fence and unlatched the gate (it is not an easy gate to unlatch and I can’t see how it would be easy to climb this fence!) and gone around front! UGGH!

*Loves hot dogs, chicken nuggets, corn, rolls, cheese, milk (lots and lots of milk!), and other things, but those are some of his favorites. Still doesn’t like juice. He drinks milk (plain or chocolate) or ice water.

*He is all boy, but he is also a very loving little boy! He is probably more loving towards Ridley than Abriella. She is very loving towards R, too, but he just seems to be a bit more baby-loving than her at this time. Still calls Ridley by “Wriggly.” haha.

*He’s a handful at home, but very well behaved in Bible class, preschool, and for other people. Always harder on his own parents! 🙂

*Loves all things Cars and Toy Story. “Lightning and da queen” (Lightning McQueen) and Mater are his fave Cars characters. Then, Buzz and Woody are his adored Toy Story characters.

*Flexible as all get out! He will sit at the table with his legs straight up past his ears. We are going to start him in gymnastics next week!

Alrighty, I may add more to this later, but I need to close this post down and move on to the next one!

All in all, we wouldn’t trade Colby for the world! He is a crazy little guy and he keeps us on our toes. He’s loving and sweet (when he wants to be) and definitely adds spark to our little family! We love you, buddy!

The following series of pictures just crack me up.

Flexible, yes?

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