Well, we would love to covet your prayers for our family and the plans for Abriella’s kindergarten year. We had kind of settled on putting Abriella in public school this year, but that never felt completely right to me. Stephen and I are like the blind leading the blind in the public school realm, seeing as I was private christian school all the way, and Stephen was private christian school and homeschool all the way. So, we were a bit at a loss, but weren’t sure where to put her.

We attended Kindergarten roundup and did that whole thing, and were ok with that somewhat. I still had misgivings, but didn’t know what to do. Then, I saw something on the computer that reminded me of a school I had looked at before, but had focused on one part of it, and thought, eh, not for us right now. But, when I saw something about it this day, I had this feeling of, “YES! THIS!”

It is a university model school, which is part traditional school and part homeschool. Even more than that, this is a Classical Christian education. This is what I feel we are being called to do! I went to the informational meeting at this school, and was even more convinced this was the way our family was to go educationally. However, I was nearly in tears when I learned we were on a waiting list, and they were not going to be forming another kinder class. This school just finished up their 1st year in existence. So, we are 2nd on the waiting list, and praying that somehow, we make it into the class. If we do this, Abriella will be in school there on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then at home with me the rest of the week. The teachers send home very detailed lesson plans for the week, and we continue as co-teachers at home, reinforcing or drilling at home what was taught at school. It just seems right to me, and I never thought I’d think that about any kind of homeschooling! Never say never, huh?

Anyway, please pray for a spot to open up for our family. We are trying to determine what we will do if a spot doesn’t open up for her. Please pray for that as well. There is a full-time classical christian school in Temple that I have looked at some as well. I have talked to a friend that has sent a child here and some others that have their children there now. It sounds good, too, but I truly feel the university model school is where we are being called to.

We would appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts for us in this matter. Thank you!

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