Doctors and Milestones

Well, we’ve been busy around here. Not doing fun stuff all the time. Last Tuesday (day after Memorial Day), I took all 3 kids to the doctor’s office. Well, they all went, but I had Ridley and Abriella checked out. Colby was fine at the time.  Abriella was diagnosed with a double ear infection. She’s such a trooper when it comes to ear infections. Really, she doesn’t complain much. She’ll tell ya one day that her ear hurts and that she thinks she has an ear infection and then won’t complain anymore. Ridley checked out. Well, the doctor said he didn’t have any obvious sign of infection, but maybe he had a virus or something that was bothering him. So, we left with a prescription for Abriella and just to give Ridley tylenol. Biggest thing is that Abriella can’t hear very well due to her infections. We are hearing a lot of “huh?” these days, or we get no response at all! She truly isn’t hearing us right now. So, we are speaking a little louder to her these days. HA!

Well, yesterday, I took the kids BACK to the doctor. I guess this is what happens the more kids you have. You make more visits to the doctor! This time, I was going to get Ridley checked out again. He wasn’t eating well and not sleeping well, and he had a slight fever on Monday morning. Also, took Colby this time to see about his cough. The kids coughs more days and nights out of the year than he doesn’t. We have been trying different things along the way to see if we can alleviate this. His nighttime coughing often ends up in a barking croupy cough. Poor guy.

Anyway, this visit led to a diagnosis of a right ear infection for Ridley. So sad! Earliest any of our kids have had to take an antibiotic. Guess we should plan on crowns for him one day since he’s already taking antibiotics and they say those can cause poor formation of their teeth. 🙁 Colby checked out fine, meaning his lungs, ears, throat and all looked/sounded fine. They said to try Allegra now. They are assuming all of his problems are related to allergies. We’ve tried Zyrtec, Singulair (which had crazy side effects that showed up in Colby rather quickly, so we stopped that one), and Nasonex. So, now, we’re trying Allegra. We also bought a humidifier to put in his and Abriella’s room. They think it’s pretty cool–it’s shaped like a frog.  Hopefully, this will work. We even had to take him out of church on Sunday because he was coughing so much. Sounded like he had the plague!

Hoping we can stay away from the doctor’s office for a while! I really did not intend for visits to the doctor being a regular part of our summer activities! HA!

In other news, Ridley has learned how to roll from his tummy to his back. Yesterday, I heard him crying after waking from a nap. I looked in the monitor and he was on his back! His head was towards the back of his crib, too, which is not where he started, so he had circled around and then flipped over. Today, I was putting him down for a nap, and while I stood there, he rolled right to his back. He grinned really big at me after he did it. Little booger! Later, when putting him down again, he didn’t go right to sleep, but talked for a while and looked around his crib. He motored around in a circle and ended up aimed towards the back of the crib again. Then, he went to sleep. OF course, his angel care monitor went off then because he was no where near the sensor anymore, so it assumed he was not breathing. We may be nearing the end of our angel care monitor days. Our baby-proofing days may be drawing very close, too!

Also, Abriella and Colby both started back to gymnastics yesterday. Well, Abriella started back. Colby went to his first class. They both did great. You could tell Colby has been a spectator of his sister’s gym time, because he knew pretty well what to do for each exercise. Abriella did good in her class, too. She’s a little rusty, since we haven’t been since December, but she did well, and she was challenged a bit in her class. Different teacher and this one pushed Abriella to do some things she’s not done before. Abriella was hesitant, but then did them. Yay!

Well, that’s all for now! More later! Sorry, no pictures today. Ridley is awake, so it’s time to end this post!

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