Baby Joyner Update

Well, the vomiting has become more “fun.” I keep telling Stephen this better be one cute baby since I’m having so much “excitement” so far! haha! I know it’s all normal stuff, but it’s still not pleasant. I think I’m to the point where maybe it’s worse before it gets better. Poor Stephen has been emptying trashcans right and left, morning, noon, and night, and lots of other times, too. He still runs or covers his head under his pillow if he hears me start to puke. He’s being a great sport though. I’m praying this will end very soon.

We had a great Christmas. Nat came and entertained Stephen while I slept most of the time. Then, my mom came after Christmas and was a saint! She cleaned our house and washed clothes and so many other things that we have neglected as of late!! THANK YOU MOM!!! She also bought different foods to see if I could tolerate some different choices. The sad truth is that one day, one food will be great, but the next day, I get to visit it again as it comes back up. Yuck! Oh well. This too shall pass, I hope! Oh, and for all of the family, I’m sorry that I still have not bought one single Christmas gift! Even my poor husband hasn’t gotten a gift from me yet! I really do plan on getting out one of these days and getting some gifts.

This week, we had some fun with a doppler. I brought a hand-held doppler home that I have in my office at work. Many times, you aren’t able to hear the heartbeat of your baby until around 11-12 wks. We do occasionally hear them earlier though. Well, on Thursday night, I was 9wks 3days. Stephen and I decided to try with the knowledge that we most likely wouldn’t hear anything. However, after about 1 minute of looking, BOOM, there it was, just a beating away. We didn’t count, but to me, it sounded somewhere around 180 bpm. Our baby was sooo cooperative and stayed right in the same place so we could hear him/her. We finally had to turn the doppler off because I think we could’ve listened forever. Since my mom was here, we tried again the next night so she could hear. The child was being a little more stubborn Friday night. My loud digestive tummy noises didn’t help the situation either. However, persistance is the key. After a while, we finally caught up with the wee one, and my mom got to hear her grandchild’s heartbeat, too! Pretty amazing that something so small can have such a strong heartbeat! I get to hear the heart tones of babies all day long at work, but it’s so different when it’s coming from inside your own body! Definitely a miracle!

On Monday, I will be 10 wks. I’m praying that this nausea/vomiting will end around 11 or 12 wks!!! Now would be even better! I will stop whining now though. God is awesome and it’s such a miracle how babies are created and develop. May our baby be healthy and strong as he or she grows and develops. Praying for each of you to have a wonderful new year!! Laughing

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