Homeschooling?! WHAT?!

Well, if you read a couple of posts back, you’ll remember I asked for prayers about this next year of schooling for Abriella. Well, we now have a plan. 🙂 We are still on the waiting list for this school, and we’re praying that works out. However, if it doesn’t for this year, we do have a plan B now!  We will be doing homeschooling, using this. There is a community for this locally, and I know several families that are involved in this homeschooling model. With this, you meet every Friday as a community, and there is a “tutor” that meets with the different classes and goes over the new stuff for the week. I would also be with Abriella during these classes. For her age, she’d have 2 1/2 hrs of class. Then, you meet for lunch with all of the families together. The older ages have some class in the afternoon, too. Then, we’d be learning all of that stuff throughout the week at home. It’s classical christian education as well. I am super excited whichever way we end up this year.

I said I would NEVER EVER homeschool. Not in a million years. No way, not me! Funny how the Lord can change your heart. 🙂 So, I’ll either be pretty much full-time homeschooling or part-time. Either way, we’re doing some homeschooling! Pray for us as we allow the Lord to work in our family in whichever situation He places us in. Thank you!

If you’re interested in why we are choosing to go either of these directions for schooling, Stephen and I would  love to share with you. I know some may not agree with these choices, and that’s fine. It is just what we feel we are being called to do at this point for our family. 🙂

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