Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Well, Ridley is becoming increasingly mobile. On Saturday morning, I had laid him on his back in the floor near the playroom, while I put some clothes away. Stephen brought something to me upstairs and we both watched him roll wwwaaayyyy over on his side from his back, but he didn’t go all the way to his tummy. He just flopped back onto his back. So, we commented on how close he was, but figured he’d be like Colby (can’t remember about Abriella) and do this almost roll for WEEKS before successfully rolling all the way from back to tummy. So, Stephen went back downstairs and I continued putting clothes away. In a couple of minutes, I came back out to check on him…AND HE WAS ON HIS TUMMY!! His arm was still pinned under his arm, but he managed to pull it out on his own as well. He looked smug as could be with his accomplishment. AND, WE ALL MISSED IT!! Sneaky little booger!

He is also rolling more and more from tummy to back. He mostly does this in his crib for now. He’ll wake up and roll to his back before calling us to come get him. Stephen has yet to see this move in action. I’ve seen it once. Usually, I just see the aftermath of the roll.

He has also been getting much quicker at his inch-worm move ,where he gets his knees up under him and pushes forward. He’s not up on his hands yet, but I figure it won’t be too many more weeks before he figures out how to get up on all fours. I’m not completely sure, but I think he is the earliest to roll from back to tummy of our 3. I’d have to go back and check to see for sure.

Here are some pictures from Father’s Day. Stephen is an excellent daddy! I am incredibly thankful for the blessing he is to us, and how he continues to lead us as a family! Thank you, God, for this mighty warrior you have gifted us with!

Happy Juneteenth! 🙂

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